Psychiatric consultation in Kyiv

Psychiatrist - narcologist
Ivan Vladimirovich Brednev

Psychiatrist - narcologist

It is difficult to find a person who has never experienced severe emotional upheavals associated with various aspects of life: the loss of close people, difficulties at work, family conflicts, depressive states, etc. Unfortunately, most people cannot cope with their mental problems on their own – they need the advice of a paid psychiatrist who can determine the exact cause of the problem and prescribe an adequate treatment regimen.

Today, you can get a psychiatrist’s consultation in any way convenient for you: by calling, leaving a request on the website, coming to the clinic or ordering a psychiatrist’s consultation at home.

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Consultation of a psychiatrist in Kyiv

A psychiatrist is a highly specialized specialist who diagnoses, monitors and treats mental disorders. At the same time, the consultation of a psychiatrist may be required not only for patients with mental problems, but also for healthy people who need to undergo a psychiatric examination to obtain a driver’s license, a weapon permit, and also employment in a number of positions.

The consultation of a private psychiatrist in our clinic takes place in a comfortable environment for the client. All the necessary conditions have been created here, and there is also the most modern equipment that allows us to provide services of European quality.

Consultation of the psychiatric-narcologist

It is one of the most demanded services of a private psychiatric clinic. It allows you to conduct a motivational conversation with the patient, determine the presence of drug or alcohol addiction, assess its complexity, and develop a number of measures for further successful treatment.

The consultation provides only an individual approach to each patient. It is based on a comprehensive diagnosis of the body, as well as an assessment of the function of organs and systems. If necessary, the collection and evaluation of tests is carried out – this allows you to determine the type of drug taken and the current damage caused to the body by alcoholism or drug addiction.

Anonymous and 24-hour psychiatric consultation

Irina Viktorovna Kruchkovskaia

Psychiatrist of the highest category, psychotherapist

As a rule, the final decision on the need for professional help is made at critical moments, regardless of the time of day. If you need a consultation with a psychiatrist, we provide all the conditions for receiving quality care at any time of the day or night.

The specialists of our clinic understand what reputational damage can be caused by the disclosure of information about a visit to a psychiatrist. Therefore, all the data of our patients is under reliable round-the-clock protection in a safe and on a secure server. Only staff and doctors directly related to the admission and treatment of a particular patient have access to the questionnaires.

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Psychiatric consultation price

The cost of consulting a psychiatrist depends on a wide range of factors: the type of problem, duration and individual characteristics of the patient. You can find out in more detail how much it costs to consult a psychiatrist in a private clinic in the price list below.

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