House-call of a narcologist

House-call of a narcologist

Unfortunately, the total number of drug and alcohol addicted people in Ukraine is constantly growing. Statistics show that there are significantly fewer people who want to be treated than those who abuse psychoactive substances. Specialists of the MEDLUX addiction clinic, narcologists / psychiatrists, identify three main reasons:

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Reasons for refusing drug treatment

  • The first is denial. As practice shows, addicts at early stages do not realize that they are beginning to get sick with alcoholism or drug addiction and are confident that they can quickly and independently get rid of harmful episodic use at any time. This is a very serious misconception, only 3% out of 100%, in the early stages, refuse further drug use.
  • The second reason is acceptance. Many addicts are aware of all the harm from alcohol or drugs they take. At this stage, the disease develops up to stage 2-3. No strength to cope on their own. The physical and psycho-emotional state becomes such that a person cannot live and function normally without another “dose” of the substance. The process of self-destruction has been launched and without qualified drug treatment, it will reach its logical conclusion. Remember that 98% of alcohol-related deaths occur outside hospitals and clinics.
  • The third reason is banal shame. In modern society, “alcoholic” or “drug addict” is a stigma. Many are simply afraid of him, so they do not go to medical institutions.

The service of house-call of a narcologist can help people who, for one reason or another, are not sent for treatment.

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House-call of a narcologist – price

  • House-call of a narcologist 4000 uah
  • Treatment of drug addiction in a hospital from 5000 uah/day*
  • UBOD (Quick Detox) from 30000 uah
  • Outpatient drug treatment (detoxification) 3000 uah
  • Drug test in urine + consultation with a narcologist 1200 uah
  • Initial consultation with a narcologist / psychiatrist up to 1 hour (upon admission to the hospital - free of charge!) 1500 uah
  • Repeated consultation with a narcologist / psychiatrist 1000 uah

(The price includes: consultation with a narcologist / psychiatrist, medicines, meals, the work of all specialists, round-the-clock observation and care, discharge).

* The cost does not include complex laboratory diagnostics (700 UAH)

The house-call cost is different for each individual case. It is simply impossible to give a universal and exact price. It, among other things, also depends on the medical institution, the qualifications of the specialist, the characteristics of the patient, etc. In addition, it should be considered that the house-call of a narcologist is carried out for various reasons. Read about some of them below.

  • Getting out the drinking period. The specialist conducts activities that interrupt even a long drinking period.
  • Removal of withdrawal symptoms. The narcologist selects a set of medications that effectively relieve withdrawal symptoms. If necessary, an antidote is injected into the patient’s blood.
  • The presence of a large amount of toxic substances in the body can simply lead to death. If you consume a large volume of alcohol or drugs, detoxification measures should be taken. This is exactly what the narcologist does when leaving the house.
  • Interruption of psychotic states. The use of alcohol or drugs leads to a change in the emotional state of a person. Fear, paranoia, obsessive thoughts appear. All these symptoms are effectively treated with medication. The narcologist selects the appropriate medications and monitors the treatment process.
  • Alcohol abuse hypnosis.
In addition, the narcologist conducts a conversation with the patient’s close people. He gives recommendations, the observance of which will allow the patient to be in a calm psycho-emotional state. Having left, the specialist stays in touch all the time. You can always consult with him on a particular issue. Depending on the events held, the cost of the call is also determined. But even in the capital, you can find affordable options. Medical center “MEDLUX” offers one of the lowest prices for such services in Kyiv.

Round-the-clock help of a narcologist at home

A narcologist is a specific doctor. If a therapist or dentist accepts only during working hours, the narcologist is ready to go to the call at any time of the day. Sometimes a patient needs urgent help, and delay can be fatal.

In what cases do you need a house-call of a narcologist?

A specialist can help in the following situations:

  • drinking period;
  • breaking;
  • excessive toxicity of the body;
  • the need for patient ‘coding’. It is useful if the patient is ashamed to go to the medical center on his own.

Sometimes it is necessary to call a narcologist immediately. The following symptoms observed in the patient indicate the need for an urgent call:

  • convulsions;
  • hallucinations (a symptom of delirium tremens);
  • trouble breathing;
  • weak pulse;
  • severe shortness of breath;
  • collapse;
  • discoloration of the skin.
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How to make a house-call of a narcologist?

By contacting the MEDLUX clinic, you can quickly and easily call a specialist at home. To do this, you need to either call the phone number listed on the website, or use the application form. Our specialists work 24/7. After receiving the application, they will arrive at the specified address within 30-60 minutes. At the same time, it does not matter at all in which district of Kyiv you live.

Narcologists of the MEDLUX center are experienced specialists who have put on their feet more than a dozen drug and alcohol addicted patients. The average experience of our doctors is 13 years.

If a problem exists, don’t put it off. To rectify the situation, you just need to contact us. Our highly qualified specialists will take care of the rest.

Author </br> Neyasov Vadim
Neyasov Vadim

Narcologist, psychotherapist, head of the clinic


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