Drugs detoxification

Detox from drugs

“Detox” from drugs is the first and very important stage of drug addiction treatment, which involves the elimination of drugs from the body of drug residues and their decay products.

Professional detoxification, carried out in a hospital of an accredited drug addiction clinic “MEDLUX”, allows you to completely eliminate the pain symptoms of withdrawal and minimize its effect on the patient’s body. In the course of treatment, the drug addict does not experience excruciating pain, the body is cleansed, all vital functions are restored.

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How is drug detoxification done

Today, there are several effective detoxification programs conducted by professional drug therapists.

  • The classic way to detoxify

Long enough, and takes 5-12 days. During this period, all the necessary drug treatment, round-the-clock care, psychological support is provided. The patient is prescribed: sleeping pills, pain relievers, vitamin complexes, hepatoprotectors, cardioprotectors, nootropics, and so on. The treatment regimen and the list of drugs are prescribed based on the types and time period of psychoactive substances used, the results of a preliminary examination and laboratory diagnostics data.

The classical method of detoxification is an effective way of removing medications, various drug groups and most types of psychoactive substances.

  • Ultra-fast detoxification (UFOD)

A modern method of cleansing the body from drugs and their derivatives. It has a significant advantage over the classic analogue – it takes up to 8-10 hours, the patient does not experience painful “withdrawal”.

A feature is the narrow focus of the method – it is designed to cleanse the body of opiate drugs and medical drugs (morphine, sibazon, omnopon, promedol, fentanyl, tramadol, and so on). When carrying out the UFOD procedure to cleanse the body of “methadone”, in some cases, the patient needs to be in the hospital for 1 to 3 days under the round-the-clock supervision of specialists.

The main stages of the procedure include:

  • An initial examination and comprehensive diagnostics of the drug addict’s body are carried out. All physiological and psychological characteristics that can affect the effectiveness of the procedure are taken into account;
  • The doctor-narcologist determines the appropriate way to carry out detoxification;
  • A special drug therapy is carried out, focused on the removal of drugs and toxins from the patient’s body.

A professional narcologist-psychotherapist, conducts individual psychological work with drug addicts, focused on the complete rejection of drugs. Where the main task of a specialist is to create a stable motivation of the patient for further treatment and, if necessary, rehabilitation, in order to completely stop using and return to a normal healthy life.

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Drugs detoxification of the body – price in Kyiv

  • UFOD (Quick Detox) in a three-bed room 35000 uah
  • UFOD (Quick detox) in a double room 45000 uah
  • UFOD (Quick detox) in a single room 50000 uah
  • Outpatient treatment (detoxification) for drugs 3000 uah

Specialized drug addiction clinic “MEDLUX” provides services of classical and ultra-fast (UFOD) detoxification on favorable terms. The cost of the procedure is formed taking into account a number of factors, including: the current physiological and psychological state of the patient, the chosen technique, as well as a number of other parameters.

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