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A certificate of a narcologist in Ukraine is an official medical document issued in state polyclinics or licensed private clinics, on the basis of a complex narcological diagnosis of a person, for the presence of addiction or the fact of using drugs.

Kyiv drug addiction clinic “MEDLUX”, offers services for issuing certificates on favorable terms for the client. Our patients receive comprehensive services and an official document that complies with the state model. The procedures are carried out in a comfortable environment and do not take much time. We can conduct both personal and group surveys – this is relevant for a wide range of employers.

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Why do you need a narcologist certificate?

The certificate is a mandatory medical document confirming the adequacy of a person, the absence of drug addiction and systematic use. He may be required to enter certain positions (involving work with drugs, precursors, a number of medications), when obtaining a license for a weapon, when obtaining a driver’s license, adopting children, and also in a number of other cases.

This document is critically important for most employers who want to obtain an objective medical opinion confirming the absence of addictions and addictions among their subordinates.

How much does a narcologist certificate cost in Ukraine?

The price for issuing a certificate may vary significantly. First of all, it depends on the location of the diagnosis, as well as a number of related factors.

If you want to issue a certificate as cheaply as possible, the state drug dispensary will be the best option. When designing, it is worth considering the modern realities of domestic medicine. In most cases, when undergoing examination in state drug dispensaries, people face a number of problems, including:

  • Lengthy bureaucratic procedures – you may be required to complete a set of documents, conduct a procedure at the place of residence, etc.;
  • A corruption component is not excluded – sometimes registration becomes more expensive than in a private clinic;
  • Long hours of waiting for a specialist appointment, low sanitary conditions, lack of comfortable conditions for waiting.

Obtaining a certificate of a narcologist in a private clinic is the best option for people who prefer not to face the state bureaucratic machine. Private medicine is far ahead of the state and provides truly high-quality services for a reasonable price. Patients do not need to stand in long, hours-long queues – appointments are made by an appointment at convenient time.

How to book an appointment to obtain a certificate

To make an appointment to receive a certificate of narcologist at the MEDLUX clinic, you need to contact the administrator in any convenient way: by phone, via mail, a feedback form on the website, instant messengers or a personal visit.

At a pre-agreed time, you must come to the clinic, you will be taken to the reception room, where an examination by a commission of narcologists will be carried out. In some cases, the appointment is carried out by one specialist.

Based on the results of the examination, the doctors issue an official conclusion, which is the basis for issuing a state-recognized narcologist certificate, signed by specialists and the clinic’s wet seal.

Author </br> Neyasov Vadim
Neyasov Vadim

Narcologist, psychotherapist, head of the clinic

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