Xenotherapy is a method of treating various diseases based on the use of xenon gas inhalations.

Discovered as a medicine relatively recently, medical xenon instantly gained popularity due to its properties. This gas is contained in a minimal amount in the ambient air. A feature of xenon is that it is not metabolized in the body and is excreted in an almost unchanged form.

Thanks to modern equipment and the availability of highly qualified specialists, our clinic in Kyiv has already accumulated good experience in working with xenon.

Healing properties of xenon

This inert gas has unique characteristics. It has a relaxing, pronounced hypnotic, sedative, analgesic, hypnotic effect, while practically has no side effects. It is used safely in pediatrics and in pregnant women, does not accumulate in organs and tissues, does not have a toxic effect on various body systems, and does not cause addiction. Also xenon:

  • Has a neuroprotective effect, improves metabolic processes in the cells of the nervous system, stabilizes the cell membrane, improves neuron function;
  • Inhibits the production of stress hormones, thereby protecting the body;
  • It has a positive effect on wound regeneration, especially in chronic inflammation;
  • Improves blood flow in organs;
  • Has an immunomodulatory effect;
  • Improves blood flow in the coronary vessels of the heart.
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Xenon is used by inhalation. When inhaled, the effect occurs within a few minutes, and the result from the session lasts up to a day. Many doctors call xenon the perfect medicine.

Where is xeno therapy applied

In the treatment of mental disorders – has a proven anti-stress and sedative effect, relieves anxiety. With an integrated approach, it quickly and safely relieves attacks of psychosis, there is a positive trend in the treatment of panic conditions.

Quickly and effectively relieves chronic fatigue with a long-lasting effect.

It has a beneficial effect in the treatment of the component of mental dependence in alcoholism and drug addiction. Xenon treatment evens out the patient’s emotional profile, helps in the relief of withdrawal symptoms, including due to a powerful analgesic effect.

In rehabilitation, the inert gas xenon has an anti-inflammatory effect and accelerates the regeneration processes, therefore it is widely used in sports medicine and rehabilitation programs.

In cardiology – due to moderate vasodilation, it improves microcirculation in the heart. It has an antiarrhythmic effect.

In neurology – having a neuroprotective effect, it has proven itself in programs for the treatment of cerebral circulation disorders, neuralgia, neuropathy, and the treatment of radicular syndrome. Normalizes day-night cycles in patients with insomnia. Reduces the intensity and duration of migraine attacks.

In surgery, xenon is used in high concentrations as an inhalation anesthetic and analgesic. It was here that he found the greatest niche of application. It is widely used for minor dental interventions in children and for hours of surgery in elderly patients. Due to the fact that the gas has practically no contraindications, it is used in pediatrics, in pregnant women, patients with severe concomitant cardiovascular, hepatic or renal pathology – when the use of other drugs is contraindicated.

How is the xenotherapy procedure done

Before the procedure, it is advisable not to eat for 3-4 hours and not to drink liquid for an hour. The session is conducted by an experienced specialist in a calm and comfortable environment for the patient. Before the xenotherapy procedure in Kyiv, the doctor tells in detail all the features of the technique and the expected effects. For inhalation, a special apparatus is used that delivers a xenon-oxygen mixture through a mask. The specialist selects all the parameters of the mixture individually for your characteristics.

During the session, the patient feels uplifting, improved mood, relaxation and serenity. After the session, there is a feeling of lightness, emotional uplift, clarity in thoughts, and increased efficiency.

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Positive effect of xenotherapy – what does it give?

  • With chronic pain, improving the emotional color and intensity of pain attacks;
  • For insomnia – the establishment of cycles of sleep and wakefulness;
  • The feeling of anxiety and depression disappears during panic attacks and depression;
  • Reducing the intensity and frequency of migraine attacks;
  • Before medical manipulation or research, xenon inhalation helps to overcome anxiety and fear;
  • Reduce the feeling of loss of energy in chronic fatigue syndrome;
  • Due to the production of endorphins when xenon is inhaled, wounds heal faster and the inflammatory process is stopped;
  • Breathing in xenon before a competition has been proven to improve endurance, and xenon is not a doping.

Despite the fact that the method is relatively young, it is successfully used in the treatment of many diseases. Especially good effects are achieved in the treatment of alcohol and drug addiction.

Indications for xeno therapy

  • Withdrawal symptoms in alcoholism and drug addiction;
  • Depression and anxiety, panic attacks;
  • Dyscirculatory encephalopathy, Alzheimer’s disease;
  • Before medical manipulation to relieve anxiety;
  • In a rehabilitation program after injuries and major surgeries;
  • In rehabilitation after strokes;
  • Insomnia;
  • For athletes before the competition.

The positive attitude of the patient is of great importance in the treatment; this has been proven to improve the effect of the treatment.

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    Contraindications for xeno therapy

    • Patient refusal;
    • Individual intolerance;
    • Intracranial tumors;
    • Acute upper respiratory tract infections.
    • Medical xenon has not officially identified any contraindications.

    The limitation of its use in certain groups is associated with the peculiarities of the inhalation apparatus and the fact that xenon improves cerebral circulation.

    Cost of xeno therapy – price in Kyiv

    In Kyiv, on the basis of the clinic, the medical center for xenon therapy “MEDLUX” has been operating for 5 years. Before the session, a consultation with a specialist is required, who will select an individual program for you.

    The price of a xenon therapy course depends on the duration and frequency of sessions.

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