Anxiety states

Anxiety states

The state of anxiety is familiar to almost everyone. It occurs in various life situations and is accompanied by sharply negative emotions, which not everyone can cope with. Anxiety states are a person’s pathological tendency to constant experience. They can be associated with the expectation of negativity, changes in the familiar environment, or other factors.

In such cases, the usual anxiety flows into a chronic course and becomes pathological. People can experience acute experiences not only in stressful situations, but also for no apparent reason – this turns a normal life into a nightmare of constant expectation of something bad, irreparable.

In this state, people cannot concentrate on everyday affairs, their health deteriorates and only the help of professional doctors can quickly and effectively change the situation, direct life in the right direction without excessive worries and anxieties.

Causes of anxiety states

The reliable cause of the manifestation of anxiety states is unknown, however, like other mental illnesses, it can be caused by a number of catalytic factors: psychological trauma, constant stressful situations, chemical changes in the brain, the body’s predisposition to a disorder, genetic and other problems.

Several diseases are known that can provoke the development of anxiety states: dependence on psychotropic stimulants (drug addiction), mitral valve prolapse, hypoglycemia and hyperthyroidism. Also, the manifestation of anxiety and panic attacks can be caused by a whole range of physiological reasons.

Main symptoms of anxiety states

Anxiety states have specific symptoms, if detected, you should immediately contact qualified doctors. They will be able to carry out the correct diagnosis and prescribe effective treatment, preventing further aggravation of the problem.

The main symptoms of an anxiety state include: internal trembling and increased nervousness, which manifests itself without objective reasons, a constant or frequent feeling of anxiety, increased aggressiveness without the presence of an active stimulus, heart palpitations, sleep disturbances, shortness of breath and shortness of breath, dizziness and other manifestations associated with the pathological work of the psyche and nervous system.

Treatment of anxiety states in Kyiv

Professional treatment of anxiety states is carried out with the use of cognitive-behavioral therapy and pharmacological drugs. In the course of treatment, the doctor creates frightening situations that cause obsessions in the patient and takes measures to prevent unwanted psychological reactions.

It is very important, when forming a treatment regimen, to ensure the rapid elimination of the symptoms of anxiety states that cause anxiety in the patient. Taking into account the specifics of the disease, treatment should be carried out under the strict supervision of a qualified doctor – this will allow you to monitor the dynamics of recovery of the physiological and psychological state, as well as timely adjust the treatment, in accordance with the current changes in the patient’s condition.

The specialized clinic “MEDLUX” provides treatment for anxiety states of any complexity. We employ qualified certified doctors with a wealth of successful experience and have all the necessary conditions for effective patient recovery!

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