The treatment of alcoholism

Alcoholism - treatment and assistance
What is alcoholism? The large encyclopedic dictionary says that alcoholism is a chronic disease caused by the systematic use of alcoholic drinks. It is expressed in physical and mental dependence on alcohol, mental and social degradation, pathology of internal organs, metabolism, central and peripheral nervous system.
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Common causes of alcoholism

Drinking alcohol is a total phenomenon. According to the results of surveys of people from 27-55 years old, it was revealed that the main causes of alcoholism and the emergence of addiction are social and psychological:
  • the influence of the environment;
  • a way to deal with stress;
  • isolation, low self-esteem;
  • a tribute to fashion;
  • availability of alcoholic drinks;
  • low standard of living and unemployment.
In addition to the above, it has been proven that heredity plays an important role in the occurrence of pathological drunkenness, alcoholism and dependence. This is especially true when pregnant women drink alcohol (passive alcoholism). Therefore, the treatment of drunkenness and alcoholism should be aimed at correcting the attitude of society as a whole to the problem. Namely:
  • solving social problems;
  • information and educational program (schools, universities, etc.);
  • affordable and qualified psychological help.
The treatment of alcoholism
Rostislav Dubinchenko

Emergency doctor, psychiatrist-narcologist. Clinic director

How to understand that alcoholism is already a disease?

It is worth thinking about alcoholism as a disease and addiction if your close people who drink alcohol have a clinic set of certain signs:

  • there is no adequate perception of the amount of alcohol consumed, denial of the very diagnosis of alcoholism or pathological drunkenness;
  • suffers from constant insomnia;
  • suicidal thoughts appear;
  • behaves irritably and aggressively for no apparent reason;
  • feels fear, anxiety;
  • hallucinations appear;
  • alcoholic psychoses;
  • the presence of retrograde amnesia;
  • long, continuous use of alcoholic drinks.
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In general, the diagnosis of alcohol dependence is said when control over the amount drunk is lost, tolerance increases, all spheres of a person’s life are gradually destroyed (physical, psychological, spiritual and social).

Alcohol dependence in statistics

According to the WHO, in Ukraine, each person drinks about 8.6 liters of alcohol in the form of pure ethyl alcohol per year (taking into account per one person in Ukraine). Moreover, in the first place in the development of alcoholism are the two most popular drinks: vodka and beer.

According to the rating of the CIS countries that consume alcohol, from the most drinking country in descending order.

Ukraine is slowly but surely falling on this ominous list of alcohol consumption. In the last 5 years, there has been a positive trend among the adult population suffering from alcoholism, but among children the situation is deplorable.

Ukraine ranks first in child drunkenness and alcoholism. According to anonymous polls in 2018, 61% of schoolchildren drank alcohol two or more times, and only 3.9% never tried alcohol. 41% of children between the ages of 14 and 18 drink alcohol regularly. 1% at this age do it daily. The most “favorite” drink of children is beer. The explanation is simple – Ukraine has one of the lowest prices for this type of alcohol in Europe.

More from the statistics of alcoholism: 80% of alcohol addicts are men, 20% are female alcoholism. 96% of alcoholics are young working people from 15 to 35 years old.

For many years, beer has been the favorite alcohol in Ukraine; 71% of respondents call it the first place. The reason is the same – relative affordability. In the second place is vodka. It was named as a favorite drink by 19% of the respondents. Wine in the first place is mentioned by 8.5%, and 1.5% of the respondents chose “other”.

Data are presented percentage ratio

Despite the fact that the majority of Ukrainians have chosen beer as their favorite drink, 56% of the population regularly consume strong (more than 40%) alcoholic drinks. In the last decade, the share of vodka consumption has grown significantly, and according to the WHO, in the western regions of Ukraine, vodka is consumed more and more often. Wine is regularly drunk by 62% of Ukrainians.

Is it possible to treat an alcoholic without his guidance?

When a patient is diagnosed with alcoholism or pathological drunkenness, there are two types of dependence: physical and psychological. All methods based on the treatment of alcohol addicts without the knowledge of the patient can be reduced to one thing – the addition of drugs, secretly from a person diagnosed with drunkenness, that cause a negative reaction to ethanol intake. It can only cure physical addiction.

Undoubtedly, the method will help, but the result will be temporary. When treating alcoholism as a type of disease, the psychological disposition of an alcoholic to a positive result is very important, and this type of treatment does not provide for it. This method is well applicable in combination at the first stage of alcoholism treatment, when getting out the drinking period is carried out. This is very important in case of choosing a method and clinic for the treatment of alcoholism in Kyiv.

Intervention method or how to convince of treatment

Intervention in the treatment of alcoholism is the primary professional help for an alcohol addict, which consists of a qualified penetration into the patient’s psychological space in order to convince him to undergo treatment for alcoholism voluntarily. Often this step determines the further result, because the program of alcoholism treatment and success depend on how well the psychological contact is established, how strong and motivated the alcoholic’s desire for recovery depends. Therefore, the choice of the clinic is very important. The addiction clinic “MEDLUX” provides professional qualified medical care in the treatment of alcohol addiction.

Clinical and psychological intervention in our clinic in Kyiv is characterized by:

  1. Choosing an effective treatment for addiction. One of the most important stages. It is agreed with the patient and his relatives.
  2. The implementation of this method includes treatment, prevention of alcoholism and, in certain, individual cases, rehabilitation. In the MEDLUX clinic, at each stage of alcoholism treatment, a clear continuity is observed. It is very important that the person undergoing treatment is under the supervision of medical personnel around the clock, as well as, if necessary, receive timely psychological assistance and support.
  3. The main motivation and achievement in the process of treating alcoholism is complete deliverance from addiction, a conscious refusal to drink alcohol. Understanding of the need for relapse prevention, including periodic consultations with a psychiatrist, narcologist and psychotherapist.
  4. The fundamental evidence base is our specialists: anesthesiologists, narcologists and psychiatrists with an average specialized work experience of 10 years, highly qualified psychologists and psychotherapists. The number of visits to the clinic is more than 2000 per year.
  5. Consolidation of the result in the form of ongoing feedback after undergoing a course of alcoholism treatment in our clinic in Kyiv.

Intervention in the treatment of alcoholism can be directed at the individual and the most necessary in the correction of a person’s problem. Starting with the full restoration of physiological health, psycho-emotional state and ending with the establishment of relationships with family and friends, which were disturbed due to alcohol abuse.

The correct approach and stages of alcoholism treatment

There are many different treatments for alcohol dependence, dating back to the 1960s, after the recognition of alcoholism as a disease. Many of them are not effective enough or are morally outdated, the world is changing, “getting younger” and changing chronic and concomitant diseases. Various psychiatric etiologies are manifested.

Anonymous consultation with a narcologist in our clinic begins with the establishment of a trusting relationship within the doctor-patient framework. At this stage, motivation for treatment, recognition of the problem is formed. The next important step is a detailed study of the problem (the amount and type of alcohol consumed, time factors), anamnesis (physical and psycho-emotional state of the patient). 

At this stage, interaction is possible not only with a narcologist, but also with a psychiatrist, therapist, cardiologist. After the patient’s consent to treatment for alcoholism and the selected individual method, a number of laboratory tests are mandatory, in some cases, ultrasound, CT.

It consists of several steps:

  • Elimination of physical dependence, or in other words, getting out the drinking period implies stabilization of the patient’s physical condition, after acute alcohol poisoning, intoxication or severe hangover. It is carried out by a course of detoxification therapy – cleansing from alcohol and restoring all vital functions of the body. It is performed after consultation or as directed by a psychiatrist-narcologist.

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    • Rehabilitation of an alcohol addicted person (elimination of psychological dependence and correction of a mental state) includes a course of psychological assistance, during which a steady motivation is formed to stop drinking alcoholic drinks completely. Principles, values, social relationships are restored. Psychological and psychiatric problems are being solved. Attitudes are formed and the ability to live fully without alcohol appears. Rehabilitation is taking place in one of our psychological aid centers “Rehab-Center”. The length of stay depends on the stage of the disease, the period of development of the disease, social degradation, concomitant use of drugs, medications and mental disorders.The recommended basic course is 3 months, but this process is individual and can vary from 1 to 12 months.After passing the stage of detoxification and transition to the stage of rehabilitation, specialists of the accredited clinic “MEDLUX” – narcologists, psychiatrists and psychotherapists accompany the patient at the stage of psychological assistance and closely interact with psychologists, department heads, art therapists, coach and yoga trainers, massage therapists and chemical consultants (the period of “sobriety” of which is not less than 3 years), keep in touch with family and friends.
    • At the stage of psychological assistance – post-rehabilitation support, it is individually suggested to undergo a session of coding or filing from alcoholism. This effective procedure is an additional motivational and deterrent to alcohol addiction.At the final stage of the rehabilitation course, it is recommended to adhere to the following rules: regular consultations with a psychologist, playing sports, correctly allocate your time and energy, keep in touch with the head of the center, in case of a relapse (breakdown), do not delay drinking, but immediately inform your relatives or your doctor-narcologist about the problem that has arisen.

    Medicinal treatment of alcohol dependence

    Drug therapy for alcoholism and pathological drunkenness is possible at all stages. Most often it is used for alcoholism to relieve withdrawal symptoms. After conducting clinical and laboratory studies and assessing alcohol damage to all organs and systems, it is prescribed individually.

    Medicines are used either to relieve withdrawal symptoms or to develop a negative reflex to alcohol. Groups of drugs for the treatment of alcohol dependence:

    • Detoxification solutions, electrolytes (potassium, magnesium, sodium, calcium), hepatotropic and cardiotropic drugs, vitamins (B1, B6, B12, C, PP), antioxidants, antihypoxants, diuretics, metabolic and nootropic drugs.
    • Psychotropic drugs: normotimics (smoothing out mood swings), behavior correctors, antipsychotic (suppressing manifestations of psychosis and psychomotor agitation), anxiolytics (anti-anxiety, sedative), hypnotics, antidepressants.
    • Aversive drugs (dramatically increasing the body’s sensitivity to alcohol and causing a number of extremely unpleasant symptoms), opioid receptor blockers (reducing the amount of alcohol consumed and the pleasure of alcohol).

    Is it possible to treat alcohol dependence at home conditions?

    Alcoholism is a serious illness. It is not so easy to cure this disease. It is possible to undergo certain stages of treatment at home and receive assistance under the supervision of a specialist, but this requires a doctor’s examination and a risk assessment of home treatment. The consent of the alcohol-dependent patient to the treatment of addiction and the comfortable conditions of the patient’s stay is of great importance.

    Treatment of alcoholism at home has both positive and negative aspects. Habitual conditions, a circle of close people, a relaxed home environment – a positive side. If the alcoholic has powerful motivation and a strong determination to overcome drunkenness and addiction, then everything is fine. Patients with a strong-willed character and willpower will quite calmly undergo a course of alcoholism treatment at home, but constant feedback from specialists and the fulfillment of a number of conditions are necessary, the main of which is a voluntary complete refusal to drink alcohol.

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    If alcohol intoxication has affected all organs and systems and multiple organ pathology comes to the fore, then clinic treatment of alcoholism and qualified assistance in a specialized center is necessary!

    Clinic treatment of alcohol addictions in kyiv – “MEDLUX”

    Alcohol addiction is a scourge of modern society. According to statistics, more than 700,000 people die from alcoholic cardiomyopathy in Ukraine every year. That is why it is important to start treatment with experienced specialists on time. Clinic “MEDLUX” – a clinic for the treatment of alcoholism, it is located in the city of Kyiv and around the clock provides assistance to patients in need of treatment for any type of addiction. A specialist of our medical center will arrive at a convenient time for you, carry out an urgent assessment of the severity of the disease and the initial diagnosis of an alcohol-dependent patient. Provide, if necessary, first aid. Together with the relatives of the alcohol addicted person, he will draw up a plan of further actions for the implementation of the treatment program.

    If the patient agrees to cooperate, our center in Kyiv will offer a choice of 7 special programs for the treatment of alcoholism, which, in our experience, are most effective not only in achieving primary treatment, but also showed themselves on the positive side in the long term of the absence of relapses of alcoholism.

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    translation services

    Cost of alcoholism treatment – price

    • Consultation with a narcologist 1200 uah
    • Outpatient treatment 3000 uah
    • Clinic treatment from 5000 uah
    • Coding, filing from 7000 uah
    • Getting out the drinking at home​ 4000 uah

    Often, relatives of an addicted patient are looking for the result of alcoholism treatment, which is called “quickly, inexpensively and efficiently” in one bottle. Unfortunately, like any disease, alcoholism requires an integrated and detailed approach. These tactics are never cheap. Speed ​​is important only at the first stage in the diagnosis and treatment of alcohol addiction. Specialized clinic “MEDLUX” takes into account the wishes of the patient. We carry out both a simple visit of a narcologist at home in the city of Kyiv, with the provision of a separate specialized service of the center, and the implementation of the entire individual program of alcoholism treatment in Kyiv.

    The cost of alcoholism treatment depends on the amount of assistance provided. If you only want to call a clinic specialist for an initial consultation, the price is one. If your close person will go through the entire alcoholism treatment program in our clinic, then the price will be selected individually.

    Like any chronic disease, alcohol dependence requires constant monitoring by the alcohol-dependent patient and his relatives. To date, not a single clinic will give a 100% guarantee of a cure for this addiction in the future, but the specialists of our center will do everything possible for this.

    Author </br> Neyasov Vadim
    Neyasov Vadim

    Narcologist, psychotherapist, head of the clinic


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