Rehabilitation center

Rehabilitation center

Rehabilitation center

Neiasov Vadim Valerievich
Narcologist, psychotherapist, psychodrama therapist, hypnotherapist. Chief physician of the clinic.

The accredited drug addiction clinic “MEDLUX” is one of the leading specialized medical institutions specializing in the treatment of alcoholism, drug addiction and associated mental disorders in Ukraine.

Since 2015, a highly qualified team of narcologists-psychiatrists, anesthesiologists, psychologists and psychotherapists has been working here. On the basis of the clinic, there is a psychological assistance center “Rehab-Center”, the main focus of which is the rehabilitation of alcoholic and drug addicts.

In the rehabilitation process, in addition to the doctors of the clinic, who provide medical support, specialists in yoga, coach trainings, art therapy, massage therapists, psychologists of various fields, cooks, and chemical addiction consultants are involved.

Center for rehabilitation for alco and drug addictions

Center for rehabilitation for alco and drug addictionsThe main goal of a rehabilitation center professionally engaged in helping people with alcohol or drug addiction is to teach skills to help them live a full life without the use of psychoactive substances, the ability to cope with stressful situations, to find goals and meaning in life.

Unfortunately, we often come across such situations at initial consultations when relatives and friends completely shift the responsibility for abuse onto the patient himself, have experience of multiple drug treatment (detoxification) and undergo a rehabilitation course, are disappointed, frustrated and have lost hope of an effective solution to alcohol dependence and drugs.

Despite all this, we recommend not to give up, but to be more careful when choosing a drug treatment clinic and rehabilitation center in Ukraine. Read reviews, watch videos, look for recommendations and do not be afraid to talk about your problem with close people, you are not alone in the problem and this will save your time and prevent unnecessary expenses.

Time for timely treatment for alcoholism and drug addiction is of key importance.

Today the most common drugs are:

  • methadone (synthetic heroin);
  • “Salts” (psychostimulants);
  • weed (spice).

How is rehabilitation done?They have tremendous, destructive power on the entire human body, including mental health. Often, addiction to both alcohol and drugs develops at the same time.

Only a timely appeal for a consultation with a narcologist-psychiatrist and subsequent treatment in a narcological clinic can be a guarantor of a successful start of treatment. And only after detoxification, understanding the full picture of the disease, restoring the patient’s physical condition, it is recommended to undergo a rehabilitation course, the duration of which is very individual. It depends on many factors and can last from 1 to 24 months.

Treatment stages:

  • consultation of the patient and family members;
  • intervention and detoxification;
  • inpatient rehabilitation;
  • adaptation in society;
  • lifetime support.

Before therapy, the patient is helped to determine motivations and personal values, to form goals and plans. This approach helps to establish contact with each patient, regardless of his age, gender and severity of alcoholism or drug addiction. The step-by-step course and the creation of healthy family relationships help increase the motivation for unconditional recovery.

How is rehabilitation done?

All services are provided strictly confidentially, and no one will ever know that you have undergone addiction treatment. Our main task is to help patients get rid of a heavy addiction, to return to society as a full-fledged person. The clinic’s specialists are doing everything possible to carry out this recovery. Blocks of programmed rehabilitation:

  • Searching for goals and motivations, giving meaning to life.
  • Learning new skills and abilities, new hobbies.
  • Acceptance of yourself as real, harmonization of moods.
  • Getting used to the benefits of exercise – exercise, football, volleyball, yoga.
  • Learns to be responsible, understand and correct mistakes.
  • Awareness of real freedom to strive for.
  • Codependency. Support groups for former drug and alcohol addicts, family, phase.
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Based on research, the psychotherapist carries out psychocorrection, individual training, and assigns classes in a group. In addition, psychologists work with addicts and their relatives to help to restore normal family and interpersonal relationships.

At the end of the stay, the results achieved are analyzed. Patients are provided with post-rehabilitation support; further step-by-step steps are drawn up for full adaptation in society. Social counseling helps to return to the profession and school.

Center for rehabilitation of addictions “MEDLUX”

In order to provide high-class treatment and rehabilitation, the doctors of the clinic work at a certified scientific level, confirm their qualifications. Our specialists are distinguished by solid knowledge and many years of clinical experience in working with alcohol and drug addicts. The rehabilitation program at the MEDLUX center is rich and provides lasting relief from addiction with minimal risks of relapse.

We use the following techniques:

  • pharmacotherapy;
  • psychotherapy;
  • complex psychodiagnostics;
  • family therapy;
  • physiotherapy;
  • a set of medical and recreational measures;
  • alternative methods.

The program provides not only getting rid of physiological and psychological dependence, but also social adaptation. The conditions are created as comfortable as possible, patients are under the careful supervision of the medical staff and receive round-the-clock assistance.

Remember! Rehabilitation is an important follow-up to treatment, and pay attention on it. And our doctors will help you to choose the best methods.

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