Treatment of spice dependence

Spice treatment

Spice addiction in Ukraine demonstrates rapid development, first of all, among the younger generation. The main danger of spice is the high availability and lack of awareness of young people, who believe that smoking is practically and completely safe for life, while in fact, smoking mixtures are highly addictive, flowing into stable drug addiction.

Spices are smoking mixtures into which various narcotic substances of plant and artificial (chemical) origin are added.

In most cases, the effect obtained lasts a short time (2-3 hours), and the dependence appears after several facts of use.

Spice treatment – symptoms of use

As well as after taking other drugs, spice addicts show specific behavioral and external signs, thanks to which close people can suspect and determine the presence of a problem. The main features include:
  • People who smoke completely or partially give up smoking classic cigarettes, they develop cigarettes with curled ends, which, when smoked, emit a smell that is not specific to tobacco;
  • There are sharp mood swings, with a lack of finance, spice addicts can go to steal funds even from close people;

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    • Lack of sleep develops, loss of appetite is possible, rapid depletion of the body;
    • The pupils show excessive narrowing or dilation (depending on the type of drug), the whites of the eyes acquire a specific redness, the hair becomes brittle, the redness of the skin is clearly visible, swelling of the limbs is possible;
    • Non-specific behavior is inherent: harsh laughter for no reason, falling into a stupor, incomprehensible speech turns are used;
    • Aggressive reaction, increased agitation.

    Having found the above signs in a close person – do not hesitate, conduct a drug examination – this will help identify the problem at the early stages of its development, which will facilitate further treatment of spice addiction and minimize the negative impact on health.

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    Treatment of spice dependence – why is spice dangerous

    Depending on what type of drug the spice was impregnated with, it can provoke a varied reaction of the body to use: from appeasement (a person is in a state of prostration, practically without movement), to visual and auditory hallucinations, aggression and other manifestations.

    Often, spice has a strong mental effect on the patient’s brain, a person can lose touch with reality, take hallucinations for what is happening, “leave” the window, deliberately commit suicide or injure people nearby. Also, the chemical toxic components contained in the drug cause colossal damage not only to the psychological, but also to the physical health of the patient.

    In order to prevent serious consequences, it is necessary to undergo timely treatment for smoking spice. It is carried out in several main stages:

    • Complex detoxification of the body, aimed at the complete elimination of drug residues and products of its decay from the body;
    • Normalization of the work of organs and systems;
    • Therapeutic and rehabilitation measures provide for the drug recovery of the body and the specialized work of psychologists, psychotherapists and psychiatrists aimed at creating a stable motivation to completely get rid of a harmful problem.

    Consult with the doctors of the drug addiction clinic “MEDLUX”, get answers to your questions, as well as professional help in the treatment of drug addiction!

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