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Drinking period is one of the most dangerous manifestations of alcohol addiction. It is caused by excessive regular or systematic consumption of alcoholic drinks. During this period, a person is in dire need of another “glass”, falling into a vicious circle, out of which it is very difficult to get out on his own, and in some cases – almost impossible.

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The main dangers of drinking period are: constantly growing intoxication cider, a sharp change in the psychological and physiological functions of the body. During this period, a person begins to experience: fears, dry mouth, tremors, blood pressure rises, he can intensively develop pathologies of internal organs, as well as a number of other problems inherent in chronic alcohol poisoning.

Getting out the drinking period in Kyiv by doctors-narcologists: why it cannot be done by yourself?

Treatment of a patient without the involvement of professional narcologists is a dangerous procedure that can lead to serious complications, first of all, to the development of withdrawal symptoms, which causes: loss of sleep or nightmares, nausea, vomiting, acute physical pain in muscles and joints, aggression, depression, heart rhythm disturbances, psychological disturbances, increased aggression, visual/auditory hallucinations, etc.

Doctors-narcologists carry out withdrawal only with medications, which allow you to carefully restore the normal functionality of the body, get rid of alcohol breakdown products, relieve intoxication, and also restore the water-salt, vitamin balance.

The procedure for getting out the drinking period is carried out under the round-the-clock supervision of specialists in our addiction clinic.

Getting out the drinking period in clinic Kyiv: features of the procedure

Clinic breakage is the most common and effective treatment for drinking period. It provides for the placement of the patient in the ward. The entire recovery process is controlled by qualified doctors – this allows you to take the necessary measures in a timely manner, as well as avoid possible complications caused by a sharp refusal of the body to take alcohol.

As a rule, clinic treatment is carried out within 3-5 days, during this time, doctors carry out a full examination and collect tests that allow them to draw up an objective picture of the physiological and psychological state of the body, minimizing the negative consequences.

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Advantages of getting out the drinking period in clinic

Today there are two ways to get out of drinking period: at home and in the clinic. The first method is used in case of short-term drinking periods lasting 1-3 days. During this period, a non-critical dose of toxins accumulates in the patient’s body, which facilitates the process of elimination. 

While long-term drinking periods are a complex chronic problem that causes significant damage to both the psychological state of a person and his internal organs. The procedure requires round-the-clock supervision by professional medical personnel, which can only be provided in an addiction clinic.

Getting out the drinking period in MEDLUX clinic

Kyiv Specialized Medical Clinic “MEDLUX” offers European quality and treatment standards, services for getting out the drinking period in a clinic. Our clinic employs highly qualified doctors, narcologists, anesthesiologists, psychiatrists, therapists, psychotherapists, psychologists who have extensive experience in working with patients of any complexity. We use only medicines certified by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine from trusted manufacturers, which guarantees high quality and safety of the treatment. When you contact the MEDLUX clinic, be sure that they will help you today!

The cost of getting out the drinking period

  • At home (Kyiv) 4000 uah
  • At home (Kyiv region) 4500 uah
  • In a clinic 5000 uah
  • Departure of the ambulance crew Kyiv 4600 uah
  • Departure of the ambulance crew Kyiv region 5200 uah
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Neyasov Vadim

Narcologist, psychotherapist, head of the clinic


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