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The treatment of alcoholism
Rostislav Dubinchenko

Emergency doctor, psychiatrist-narcologist. Clinic director

Drug addiction, alcoholism and substance abuse are diseases manifested by mental and physical dependence, resulting from the systematic use of alcohol, narcotic, toxic or other psychoactive substances.

Narcology is a branch of psychiatry, “minor psychiatry”. In some countries, narcology is singled out as a separate independent unit, but in Ukraine the specialties of psychiatrist and narcologist are inextricably linked. A narcologist is a medical specialist who is engaged in the prevention, study and treatment of addictions to alcohol, narcotic and other psychotropic substances.

A few numbers. According to statistics in Ukraine in 2018, the most common drug addiction caused by the use of cannabinoids (marijuana), opium and its synthetic analogues (methadone, etc.). The three leaders in Ukraine in terms of use are closed by psychostimulants (amphetamine, etc.).

“MEDLUX” is a licensed and accredited by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, a narcological and psychiatric clinic in Kyiv, where experienced drug addicts, psychiatrists, psychotherapists of the highest category conduct reception and consultations.

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Accreditation of a medical institution is an official confirmation of the existence in an institution of criteria established by a special commission for a high-quality, timely level of medical support that meets certain standards.

We value the patient’s personal space, therefore, at the request of the applicant, consultation, reception and assistance of a narcologist, psychiatrist are carried out anonymously.

Consultation of a narcologist – in what cases to consult a doctor

One can speak of addiction as a diagnosis when, against the background of the systematic use of various psychotropic substances, a number of mental and behavioral disorders arise. This disease is characterized by the following main features:

External signs:

  • pallor of the skin;
  • reddened or cloudy eyes;
  • dilated or constricted pupils;
  • slow speech;
  • poor coordination of movements.

Behavioral signs:

  • increasing indifference to what is happening around;
  • leaving home and absenteeism at school;
  • difficulty concentrating, memory impairment;
  • inadequate response to criticism;
  • frequent and unexpected mood swings;
  • unusual requests for money;
  • loss of valuables, clothes and other things from the house;
  • frequent unexplained phone calls;
  • the emergence of new suspicious friends;
  • loss of appetite, weight loss, sometimes excessive food intake;
  • chronic cough.
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Signs – evidence:

  • injection marks, cuts, bruises;
  • rolled up paper, small spoons, capsules, bottles, bubbles.

When you see these dangerous symptoms in a close person, you should definitely contact the qualified specialists of our clinic.

The most effective and successful at the moment in the treatment of addiction in Ukraine, as well as throughout the world, are considered special pharmacological, rehabilitation, neo-rehabilitation and psychocorrectional programs.

A prerequisite is an individual approach, since there are no template methods. This approach to solving the problem of addiction is used in the MEDLUX clinic. We have a full range of diagnostic methods, examinations and specialists to provide assistance.

Anonymous consultation with a psychiatrist-narcologist

Anonymous consultation and treatment are provided for by the legislation of Ukraine. And documents on the passage of treatment can only be provided to law enforcement agencies upon an official request and not to any other persons.

The specialists of the MEDLUX clinic carry out anonymous medical consultations. We know the patient’s right to the secret of treatment.

It should always be remembered that drug addiction, substance abuse and alcoholism can occur in any person. It is a disease and, like any disease, it needs prompt and correct treatment by a qualified narcologist. One of the main steps in an addiction treatment program is the first step you have already taken – you called our clinic.

The basic principles of drug addiction, alcoholism, substance abuse treatment and anonymous consultation in our clinic:

  • Voluntary, informed consent of the patient (MOH form N003-6 / o) to receive, consult and undergo a course of medical assistance from a narcologist, psychiatrist or psychotherapist;
  • After consultation with the clinic’s narcologist, an individual program of assistance and treatment is selected, which will depend on complaints, clinical manifestations, age, length of illness, wishes, etc.
  • An integrated approach to medical care includes: a course of detoxification, symptomatic, restorative, psychopharmacological therapy, supervision of a doctor (narcologist, psychiatrist, psychotherapist), psychological assistance, medication procedures (stitching, implantation, torpedoing) and non-drug coding, a course of psycho-social rehabilitation and neo-rehabilitation.

Book an appointment with narcologist in the clinic

To get advice, you just need to pick up the handset and dial the phone number. A specialist will be in touch 24/7 in Kyiv in our clinic, who will take your call and help you choose a convenient time for a consultation.

A psychotherapist, psychiatrist or narcologist, already at the first consultation, will tell and recommend the exact treatment plan.

How an appointment with a narcologist takes place

Reception in our clinic takes place in the most comfortable environment for the patient.

At the first appointment, a preliminary conversation is held. It lasts an average of 40 minutes. Anamnesis is collected, a preliminary conclusion and recommendations for further examination are given. Medication is prescribed, if necessary, to relieve withdrawal symptoms. The first prescriptions are written out. At the same time, they agree on the date and time of the beginning of treatment, convenient for the patient. The duration of therapy is selected individually and depends on the clinical characteristics, the length of time of admission, the type of substance taken and the presence or absence of concomitant diseases.

In case of urgent or emergency conditions, drug treatment is provided immediately.

At the moment, there is no single clearly defined way of treating addiction that would give a 100% result. At the same time, in our clinic there is a certain scheme of anonymous assistance, which shows reliably good results:

  1. Refusal from psychoactive substances. Removal of physical dependence with detoxification, relief of withdrawal symptoms. It is carried out with obligatory drug support. At the end of this period, coding is carried out, filing from a psychoactive substance.
  2. Disappearance of post-withdrawal symptoms. This is the normalization of sleep and mood, to minimize the craving for a psychoactive substance.
  3. Treatment for mental addiction and prevention of relapse of the disease. This is the most difficult and time-consuming stage of psychotherapeutic treatment. The main goal is to achieve reorientation of an addicted person to a healthy lifestyle, his readaptation.
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The narcologist of the MEDLUX clinic will anonymously write down the treatment regimen, the general principles of which were given above, but taking into account the characteristics of the applicant. In addition, the specificity of our clinic in Kyiv is the maximum individualization of treatment.

Work not only with the patient, but also with his circle of close people. The consultation of an experienced narcologist may be needed by the relatives of the applicant. With the patient’s consent, we provide family support through group sessions.

In Ukraine, only our clinic in Kyiv is working on the problem in such detail.

How much does the admission cost – price in Kyiv

  • Initial consultation with a narcologist/psychiatrist up to 1 hour 1500 uah

    (upon admission to the hospital - free of charge!)

  • Primary consultation with a drug addiction specialist/psychiatrist of the highest category (up to 1 hour) 1500 uah
  • Repeated consultation of a narcologist/psychiatrist 1000 uah
  • Consultation with psychotherapeutic correction 800 uah
  • Consultation at home without manipulation (narcologist, psychiatrist, psychotherapist at home) 2500 uah
  • House-call of a narcologist 3500 uah

At the first consultation in our clinic, an experienced narcologist will select an individual treatment and psychological rehabilitation plan. The consultation lasts an average of 40 minutes. Usually this time is enough to assess the patient’s condition and begin treatment immediately.

The psychological status is more difficult. The number of psychotherapy sessions, their duration and frequency are determined depending on the severity of the condition and the course of the disease.

It is generally accepted that the most effective program is multi-component. There is no one pill that you take to get rid of addiction. The doctor promising this is not a professional. Addiction treatment takes time. This is a rather lengthy and complicated process.

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The patient works with a narcologist – psychotherapist his fears, revises the system of values, the point of worldview. In fact, the treatment program builds a new meaning of life in a person’s mind. For some, a few appointments with a doctor are enough, because once deciding, you just need to keep your beliefs until the end of the course. Many people require a fairly long rehabilitation.

The diagnosis of drug addiction, alcoholism is not a sentence. If there is a desire to recover, with a competent approach in the hands of an experienced specialist, everything is possible.

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