Removal of withdrawals Kyiv

Removal of withdrawals (UFOD)

Breakage or withdrawal symptoms are the most difficult physiological state of the body, provoked by the cessation of the regular use of drugs. In the process of withdrawal, a drug addict experiences acute, sometimes unbearable physical pains that he wants to eliminate by taking another dose of the drug.

Removal of withdrawal symptoms at home or in a hospital can significantly reduce the physical suffering of the body, as well as speed up the recovery process. This procedure is medication and allows you to start the process of full rehabilitation of the patient, followed by refusal to take drugs.

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Removal of withdrawals Kyiv – operative help in the addiction clinic “MEDLUX”

In order to protect yourself and your close people from the physical suffering observed when you stop systematic drug use – contact the drug treatment center “MEDLUX”! Our qualified narcologists will quickly carry out the necessary diagnostics, effectively remove withdrawal symptoms and prepare the body for further recovery.

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Removal of withdrawal symptoms can be carried out both at the addict’s home and in a clinic. A hospital is preferable, in this case, the patient is under the strict supervision of narcologists, who have the ability to coordinate the entire process during the procedure.

Cost removal of withdrawals

  • UFOD (Quick Detox) in a three-bed room 35000 uah
  • UFOD (Quick detox) in a double room 45000 uah
  • UFOD (Quick detox) in a single room 50000 uah
  • Outpatient treatment (detoxification) for drugs 3000 uah

Removal of withdrawals: features of carrying out

The procedure provides for the complete detoxification of the body from the drug and its decay products, toxins. It is carried out under the strict supervision of a physician using special medications that minimize the physical suffering of the drug addict and accelerate the process of removing drugs from the body.

The method used may vary. First of all, it depends on the type of drug taken, physiological and psychological characteristics of the organism of a particular patient.

Removal of methadone withdrawal

Methadone belongs to the class of synthetic opioid drugs. The refusal of a drug addict to take a dose causes severe withdrawal within 1-2 weeks, and in some cases – more than 1 month, which is dangerous for both physical health and psychological state of a person.

Getting rid of methadone addiction involves a rather lengthy and complex process of eliminating withdrawal symptoms. The procedure requires the participation of professional narcologists and quality medicines.

Removal of withdrawals in the clinic – why is it important to carry out in the clinic?

Attempts to get rid of the problem on their own, in the vast majority of cases, lead to a breakdown and further aggravation of addiction. Inpatient treatment is highly effective, significantly increasing the chances of complete elimination of addiction during further rehabilitation.

The importance of removal of withdrawal symptoms in the hospital is determined by two important factors at once: the hospital has all the necessary equipment, comfortable conditions, and the patient is under close supervision of specialists who can take the necessary measures at any time.

Removal of withdrawals at home

Narcological center “MEDLUX” conducts the removal of withdrawal at the patient’s home. A team of doctors goes to the address within a few minutes after the call, conducts an examination and immediately performs manipulations to minimize the physical suffering of the addicted person.

Turn to professionals, and return life to a healthy track!

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