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Addiction clinic in kyiv

The first private drug treatment clinic accredited by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine in Kyiv “MEDLUX” is a specialized medical center for alcohol and drug addicts with the possibility of inpatient and outpatient treatment of patients of any complexity.

The clinic provides a wide range of drug treatment services: from emergency assistance to addicts and detoxification, to psychological assistance and rehabilitation.

Our specialists successfully treat patients suffering from: alcoholism, drug addiction, mental disorders, anorexia, bulimia, psychosis, depression, anxiety and a number of other concomitant diseases.

Addiction clinic in kyiv

The treatment of alcoholism

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Medlux addiction center - features of work with patients

The work of employees, from the administrator to the narcologists, is aimed at a personal approach to each patient, at all stages of diagnostics, treatment and rehabilitation.

All patients who seek help at the MEDLUX drug treatment center can count on complete anonymity. We understand that information outside the clinic can cause reputational and moral damage to the patient, therefore the anonymity is strictly controlled by the administration – all data about the patient is classified.

Contact the drug addiction clinic “MEDLUX”, and get qualified help for you and your close people!

Kruchkovskaia Irina - psychiatrist

Kruchkovskaia Irina


Neyasov Vadim The treatment of alcoholism

Neyasov Vadim

Narcologist, psychotherapist. Head of the clinic

Emergency doctor

Dubinchenko Rostislav

Emergency doctor, psychiatrist-narcologist. Director of the clinic

Brednev Ivan - Psychiatrist

Brednev Ivan


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