EEG (encephalogram) in Kyiv

EEG (encephalogram) in Kyiv

What is EEG monitoring? What is encephalography for?

Electroencephalography (EEG) – is one of the leading methods for diagnosing the work and functions of the brain, built on graphically depicted and recording biopotentials. Thanks to the EEG, it is possible to analyze the physiological maturity and state of the brain, the absence or presence of lesions of its structures, general cerebral disorders and their nature.

Value of the method

With the help of EEG studies, important information can be obtained that helps in the diagnosis of initial changes related to the work and functional state of the brain. It makes it possible to carry out differential diagnostics and correctly establish a diagnosis in the early stages of the disease or the development of pathology.

EEG monitoring is the main instrumental method that allows differential diagnosis between seizures of epileptic and other nature, to correctly indicate the localization of the epileptic focus, to see if there are disturbances in the functioning of brain structures during remission.

Method for electroencephalography

EEG monitoring is carried out using electrodes that are placed on the corresponding parts of the head and record changes in the activity of brain cells. An electroencephalogram allows you to show oscillations of waves of different frequencies. Interpretation of which gives answers for the doctor about the state of the brain.

The basis for the conclusion of the EEG includes data fixation and monitoring at rest and wakefulness. The study is carried out using special tests, with the help of which the brain receives additional loads, which makes it possible to record the speed and intensity of its reaction. It is performed using photostimulation, hyperventilation, etc.

For certain groups of patients, it is necessary to carry out an extended EEG monitoring, which will include the phases of falling asleep, sleep, awakening and the phase of brain activity. This method is carried out using video monitoring, and allows you to get the results obtained within a certain time interval, supplemented by video and audio recordings. The doctor has the opportunity to obtain more additional information, he is better able to help in the formulation of the correct diagnosis and selection of treatment.

Emergency medicine doctor
Vita Olehovna Likhach

Emergency medicine doctor, neurologist, functional diagnostician

Main advantages of EEG (encephalography)

Main advantages of eeg
  • Electroencephalogram in Kyiv;
  • Informativeness;
  • Speed;
  • Painlessness;
  • Easy accessibility;
  • No side reactions;
  • The minimum number of contraindications.

Symptoms and conditions where it is recommended to conduct EEG monitoring

  • After generalized or localized seizures or a history of them;
  • Frequent headaches, a history of migraines;
  • Frequent dizziness, fainting of unknown etiology;
  • Persistent sleep disorders, somnambulism (sleepwalking);
  • To find out the causes of psychological deviations (various types of disorders: behavioral, neurotic, psychosomatic, emotional and others);
  • Impaired memory and attention;
  • Vegetative and hypertensive “crisis”;
  • Endocrine pathologies;
  • Traumatic brain injury;
  • For the diagnosis of cysts, tumors, infectious brain lesions, blood supply disorders, vascular disorders, changes in the circulatory nature;
  • To track the effectiveness and dynamics of treatment.

Contraindications to EEG (encephalogram)

  • Disease of a purulent-inflammatory nature in the head and neck area;
  • Traumatic injuries in the head area, the presence of wound surfaces, slaughter;
  • Fresh postoperative stitches;
  • Diseases of the cardiovascular system in the stage of decompensation.

How to prepare for the procedure?

  • Exclude products containing caffeine on the day of the procedure;
  • Prepare data on drugs taken on an ongoing basis (to obtain reliable research results);
  • Clean hair (do not use hair fixing or styling products).


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