Likhach Vita

Likhach Vita

Born on 17 March, 1992 in the village Melnitsa-Podolskaya, Ternopil region. Emergency medicine doctor, neurologist, functional diagnostician.


Emergency medicine, neurology.


  • Bogomolets National Medical University, Kyiv. Specialist (General Medicine) 2009-2015;
  • NMAPO named after P. L. Shupika, Kyiv. Internship (Medicine of emergency conditions) 2015-2017;
  • NMAPO named after P.L. Shupika, Kyiv. Specialization (neurology) 2020;
  • “Center for Neurodiagnostics” from August 1-31, 2020 completed an on-the-job training in clinical encephalography.


  • After the end of the internship, she remained to work as a doctor in emergency medicine at the “Branch of KZKOR KOTsMD and MK Boryspil” from 2017-2020;
  • From 2019 to the present day, he has been working at the MEDLUX clinic as a doctor for emergency medicine.

Performed procedures

Treatment of diseases

  • Organization of the treatment process;
  • Management of inpatients with mental disorders, drug, chemical and alcohol addiction, as well as combinations of the above; Providing first medical / emergency aid.

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