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Psychotherapy, the functions of a psychotherapist and ideas about what they do are surrounded in Ukraine by myths, guesses and rumors, often they come from films or social networks.

Some people think that psychotherapists work only in psychiatric clinics with seriously ill people and therefore are afraid to apply. First of all, this is perceived by the low awareness of people about their mental and psychological health. Many people do not even realize that with the help of a consultation session, a private therapist can improve their life.

And today we will tell you what psychotherapy is for, what a psychotherapist’s consultation is, directions of psychotherapy, and how to make an appointment with a psychotherapist in Kyiv.

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In what cases is the help of a psychotherapist needed?

Usually, all mental disorders develop gradually, starting with subtle symptoms, and increasing over time.

Consultation with a psychotherapist is needed when the following symptoms appear:

  • Changes in character appeared within a short period of time;
  • If there are a lot of stressful events in life that you find it difficult to cope with, a feeling of hopelessness, constant tension, difficulty concentrating, depression;
  • Feeling of constant fatigue, there is no desire to do basic work;
  • If you have constant worries, phobias, groundless anxiety, fears, panic attacks;
  • Insomnia or persistent drowsiness;
  • Unpleasant physical sensations in the body, not associated with chronic diseases;
  • Unreasonable, regular bouts of aggression, anger and irritability.

The sooner you see a psychotherapist, the easier it will be for you to cope with your problems. So you should think about making an appointment with a doctor at the slightest sign.

A psychotherapist is a physician who treats mental disorders associated with stress, acquired mental trauma in childhood or adulthood, and genetic diseases. But these disorders are not associated with serious diseases of the brain or its injuries, these problems are solved at the consultation of a psychiatrist.

The main method of work is consultation.

Irina Viktorovna Kruchkovskaia

Psychiatrist of the highest category, psychotherapist

In the center “MEDLUX”, you can contact with the following problems:
  • Depressive states;
  • Addictions: gambling, alcoholism, drug addiction and any others;
  • Bipolar disorders of various origins;
  • Phobias and fears;
  • Treatment of neuroses, panic attacks, increased anxiety;
  • Mental trauma and their consequences;
  • Obsessive states, unreasonable anxiety;
  • Psychosomatic conditions;
  • Treatment for schizophrenia.
Like a regular doctor, sometimes children also need a psychotherapist. There is no need to be afraid of this, because sometimes children’s problems can develop into serious mental disorders in adulthood and their consultation will be much more difficult.

Main directions of psychotherapy

Today, in modern psychotherapy, doctors use many different directions for consultation and treatment. There are the following main ones:

Psychoanalysis – the essence lies in the fact that the psyche is based on the subconscious. For example, instincts, defense mechanisms, motivation and others.

Gestalt therapy is the main goal of this area, it is considered to expand the skills of self-regulation of the psyche, self-awareness, and as a result of achieving intrapersonal integrity, fullness and perception of one’s own life.

Cognitive behavioral therapy – according to the theory of this method in the occurrence of psychological problems and mental disorders, the main role is played by cognitive processes.

The doctor chooses the therapy method individually during the first session. After the appointment, the doctor already knows how he will work, and sometimes he can change the direction of treatment.

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Consultation of a psychotherapist

In Ukraine, many people do not know what a consultation is, how it takes place and what happens there. Because of this, fear often arises of the first appointment with a private therapist.

A psychotherapist’s consultation is a conversation between a doctor and a client aimed at solving his problems. Actually, a psychotherapist does not solve a problem, but helps a person independently find a way to solve it. For this, group forms of consultation or individual ones can be used. The duration of treatment depends on the specific situation and the person’s problem.

For different clients, different methods of counseling are applied. In the “MEDLUX” clinic, the first reception of a psychotherapist takes place individually and further the direction of work is determined. Sometimes related specialists may be involved, for example, a consultation with a narcologist, psychiatrist or other doctors, to better solve the problem.

How to book an appointment with a psychotherapist in Kyiv

You can make an appointment with a private psychotherapist at the MEDLUX medical center by calling or on the website. The cost of services depends on the specific situation and the problem that the person has and the final price is determined after the first consultation. Turning to us at the Center, you will receive a full diagnosis, professional advice from specialists, high-quality treatment and good support. Our doctors can help even in difficult cases when others have refused. We will help you return to your usual and happy life.

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