Drug ‘coding’

Drug ‘coding’

Modern narcology provides for the use of various methods of drug addiction treatment. One of the most popular and effective drugs is a ‘filing’ against drugs, which allows you to create the necessary physical and psychological barrier for the patient, to cause fear and fear for his own life with the next use of drugs, regardless of the circumstances.

Drug ‘coding’ should be carried out by a highly qualified physician in an inpatient clinic. Before the procedure, a complex detoxification is carried out, aimed at the complete elimination of drug residues and products of its decay from the body.

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‘Coding’ against drug addiction – ‘coding’ methods

The most common methods of ‘coding’ drug addiction include: pharmacological, psychotherapeutic and physiotherapeutic. Each of them has its own indications and contraindications, so the best method or combination of methods should be determined by a narcologist.

As a rule, the ‘coding’ process in a specialized drug addiction clinic provides for an integrated approach aimed at eliminating physical and psychological dependence. Doctors detoxify the body, prescribe physiotherapy and rehabilitation procedures.

Thanks to an integrated approach, the patient can quickly eliminate the psychological barrier, he has a stable motivation to completely get rid of the harmful problem, he agrees to undergo the entire course of rehabilitation, both in the hospital and on an outpatient basis.

The cost of coding from drugs – prices

Drug blockers – drug ‘filing’

Наркоблокатори – підшивка від наркотиківDrug blockade is a classic pharmacological ‘coding’ method for drug addiction. It provides for the subcutaneous implantation of a drug that, when interacting with even a minimal amount of the drug, does not cause the patient to feel high and satisfied – this is the most effective method that provides an active psychological and physiological effect.

As a rule, for implantation, doctors use drugs based on Naloxone and Naltrexone that block pleasure receptors – this makes the use of the next dose simply meaningless, the addict loses motivation to continue using it.

During the period of action of the drug, the addict has a good chance to get rid of his pernicious problem once and for all and return to a healthy life.

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How drug ‘coding’ is done

For a successful procedure, you need to go through several main stages:

  • A complete detoxification of the body is provided – both the classical method and UFOD can be used (ultra-fast detoxification, takes from 4 to 8 hours, while the patient does not experience withdrawal);
  • Psychologists carry out work – a steady motivation of the patient is created to get rid of addiction;
  • The drug is implanted under the skin under local anesthesia – the patient experiences only minimal discomfort.

In order to avoid a possible breakdown in the future, the patient should not stop treatment – it is necessary to undergo a rehabilitation course aimed at restoring the physiology of the body and normalizing the psychological state.

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