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Drug addiction is one of the most serious drug addiction problems that cause the strongest physiological and psychological dependence of the body to certain substances. Most people are unable to cope with this problem on their own and need professional help.

Today, the most effective way to get rid of addiction is inpatient treatment. This method allows narcologists to diagnose the problem with a high quality and take the necessary measures, timely adjusting the treatment regimen, taking into account the current state of the patient.

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Drug addiction treatment in clinic – Kyiv

The drug treatment center provides the necessary treatment that demonstrates high efficiency. It is very important that the procedures are carried out by highly qualified certified drug therapists, psychologists, therapists who have excellent theoretical knowledge and rich successful experience in the treatment of drug addiction problems.

The clinic should have all the necessary medical equipment and good conditions in the wards: comfortable sleeping places, high-quality repairs with air conditioning, TV, a bathroom and other amenities that allow the patient to fully concentrate on his health, feel cared for and understand the beauty of a healthy life without drugs.

The cost of services of the drug hospital MEDLUX

  • House-call of a narcologist 4000 uah
  • Treatment of drug addiction in a hospital from 5000 uah/day*
  • UBOD (Quick Detox) from 30000 uah
  • Outpatient drug treatment (detoxification) 3000 uah
  • Drug test in urine + consultation with a narcologist 1200 uah
  • Initial consultation with a narcologist / psychiatrist up to 1 hour (upon admission to the hospital - free of charge!) 1500 uah
  • Repeated consultation with a narcologist / psychiatrist 1000 uah

Advantages of addiction treatment in a clinic

The main advantage is the availability of specialized medical equipment and round-the-clock supervision by a narcologist for the patient’s current condition, with the possibility of quickly making changes to the therapy regimen to increase its effectiveness.

The main stages of inpatient drug addiction treatment include:

  • Delivery of the patient by car to the drug treatment center and reception, which provides for a comprehensive examination and determination of the current state of the body;
  • Detoxification is carried out, aimed at the rapid and effective removal of residues of narcotic drugs and their derivatives from the body using special medications. This phase also relieves the physical suffering of withdrawal;
  • Therapy using effective medication and coding (‘filing’);
  • Psychological work with drug addicts (both individual and group). It is aimed at self-awareness of the entire danger of drug use, as well as the restoration of a normal psychological state.
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Clinic drug treatment at the medlux clinic – features and advantages

Clinic “MEDLUX” specializes in the treatment of drug addicts in Kyiv and Kyiv region. The hospital has modern equipment and comfortable conditions for the stay of patients.

Particular attention is paid to an individual approach to treatment, taking into account the physiological and psychological characteristics of the addict. Surveillance by doctors is carried out 24/7 – this allows you to track the smallest changes in the dynamics of recovery and, if necessary, adjust the scheme.

The cost of drug addiction treatment in the hospital of our center depends on several main factors at once: the physiological and psychological state of the patient, the list of applied therapeutic procedures and the length of stay in the hospital.

Free yourself or your close people from harmful drug addiction, restore health and experience all the beauty of life without using drugs!

Author </br> Neyasov Vadim
Neyasov Vadim

Narcologist, psychotherapist, head of the clinic

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