“Decoding” from alcoholism

“Decoding” from alcoholism
People who have faced the problem of alcohol addiction and got rid of this addiction with the help of alcohol abuse hypnosis often think about ‘decoding’ and resuming a life without inhibitions, in which you can drink a glass of wine in good company, on holidays or on any other days without disgust.
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‘Decoding’ from alcoholism – features of the procedure

Alcohol ‘decoding’ is a demanded procedure in medical practice. Manipulation allows you to fully or partially neutralize the previously conducted impact on the addict’s body. As a result, the patient gets rid of the “inherent program” that causes aversion to alcoholic drinks or gets rid of the previously injected drug. After ‘decoding’, he can independently decide whether to drink alcohol in certain cases, being fully responsible for his actions.
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In what cases is ‘decoding’ from alcoholism needed?

There are several main reasons for ‘decoding’ after alcohol addiction treatment. These reasons include:

  • Deep depressive states, as well as a wide range of other mental problems;
  • Lack of a positive effect from sessions of psychological assistance and previous alcohol abuse hypnosis;
  • Physiological problems of the body associated with loss of appetite, muscle pain, sexual dysfunction in men, uncontrolled overeating, headaches;
  • Individual intolerance to the embedded drug used in the alcohol abuse hypnosis process.

Also, ‘decoding’ from alcoholism can be carried out in cases when a person has got rid of addiction, has completely restored his emotional and physiological state and has the ability to prevent re-immersion in the “vicious circle” independently.

What are the types of ‘decoding’?

Medical ‘decoding’ types correspond to ‘coding’ types, being their complete opposite. The ‘decoding’ procedure can be carried out by two main methods: medication and psychological.

The medical method provides for the removal of a medical preparation previously ‘filing’ into the subcutaneous adipose tissue, while hypnotherapy or psychotherapy allows you to remove the psychological “barrier” established by the narcologist during the ‘coding’ process.

How is the procedure of ‘decoding’ done?

The procedure for removing the ‘filing’ (decoding) directly depends on the previously used method of ‘filing’ from alcohol used to treat a particular patient. Specialists of the specialized addiction clinic “MEDLUX” use three main methods: psychotherapeutic, hypnotic and the method of extracting a torpedo or an implant from adipose tissue.

The procedure is carried out in a clinic. To remove the drug, the doctor makes a small incision and takes out the capsule with the drug, after which the wound is sutured.

As a rule, after the procedure, most patients feel moral relief, which helps to confirm the idea that addiction has been defeated and now it is necessary to move on to a normal life without returning to excessive drinking.

Cost of ‘decoding’ from alcoholism

  • Implantation of a gel containing Disulfiram (from 1 to 3 years old) 7000 - 9000 uah
  • Implantation (‘filing’) of the Esperal capsule 8000 uah
  • Injection of the drug Vivitrol 12000 uah
  • Injection of the drug Tetlong 250 3500 uah
  • Author's ‘coding’ technique (three-stage complex) 5400 uah
  • ‘Coding’ by the Dovzhenko method from 4500 uah
  • Psychopharmacological ‘coding’ 6000 - 8000 uah
  • ‘Decoding’ from alcohol 3000 uah
The price of ‘decoding’ at the MEDLUX clinic directly depends on the method used, as well as the physiological and psychological state of the patient. Before the procedure, our doctors always carry out diagnostics and consultation, which makes it possible to establish the objectivity of the need for the procedure, as well as provide valuable medical advice.
Author </br> Neyasov Vadim
Neyasov Vadim

Narcologist, psychotherapist, head of the clinic


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