Alcoholism treatment in clinic

Alcoholism treatment in clinic

The habit of drinking alcohol is deeply rooted in the mentality of the Ukrainian nation. A person who does not drink alcohol is perceived as a black sheep in a crowd of black fellows. Alcoholism in Ukraine is treated with humor, irony, but very rarely – with fear. But the numbers are really frightening: 40% of all deaths of Ukrainian men of working age occurred from the abuse of strong drinks. These are the official statistics from a study conducted by the World Bank.

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Alcoholism does not tolerate a careless attitude towards oneself. Yesterday it was occasional feasts with friends, and today it is impossible to live a day without alcohol. To avoid such a sad scenario, you need to start treatment for alcoholism as soon as possible. Those who want to get rid of a destructive habit are faced with a choice – to treat addiction at home or in a clinic. We will tell you more about the second option.

Clinic treatment of alcoholism

Treatment of alcoholism in a clinic provides for therapy in a special institution that has all the necessary conditions for effectively getting rid of a bad habit. In some situations, it is simply impossible to do without clinic treatment, since for a certain category of patients, home therapy is futile.

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    Indications for clinic treatment of alcoholism

    When the following circumstances occur, you need to contact a medical center as soon as possible for treatment.

    • Severe withdrawal symptoms. A severe hangover syndrome can lead to heart attack, stroke, hypertensive crisis and even coma.
    • Convulsions and epileptic seizures.
    • Hallucinations of different types. This is a critical signal from the body, which indicates damage to the central nervous system. Besides the fact that it is very dangerous in itself, in such an uncontrolled state, the patient can harm himself.
    • Delirium, delirium tremens.

    Patients in such conditions require immediate treatment in a clinic. In addition, the treatment of alcoholism in a clinic is a necessary measure in the absence of motivation in the patient or in case of its lack. If the patient sincerely does not want to be cured, he is likely to have breakdowns, nullifying all the “home” efforts to naught.

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    Advantages of clinic treatment

    Treatment of alcoholism in a clinic has a number of advantages that cannot be achieved with home therapy.

    • Constant control. The patient is under the supervision of experienced specialists. In addition to visual control, hardware control is also carried out. For example, in the MEDLUX medical center, the patient’s cardiac indicators are recorded by a cardiac monitor. In the first days of therapy, this is very important, since the body is in a weakened state.
    • Lack of access to alcohol. No matter how strongly an addicted person wants to be cured, the desire to drink from him periodically wakes up. In the medical center, the possibility of a breakdown, that is, the use of alcohol, is excluded.
    • Intensive treatment. In a clinic, it is possible to resort to the necessary procedures and manipulations more often than at home.
    • The ability to change the strategy quickly. As mentioned above, clinic treatment for alcoholism is carried out under the supervision of specialists. This allows doctors to change their treatment strategy in real time, looking for the ideal option for a particular patient.
    • Possibility of using strong medications that need to be taken under medical supervision. Some drugs are not suitable for home use. They can be given to the patient only in a clinic.

    How is the treatment of alcoholism conducted in a clinic?

    When you contact a medical center for treatment, the first procedure for a patient is detoxification. Its purpose is to remove harmful substances from the body. Droppers with saline solution, sorbents, antioxidants, as well as drugs to improve the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract and the heart are used.

    Particular attention is paid to the restoration of the central nervous system and peripheral nervous system, which suffer greatly from the negative effects of alcohol. In order to prevent the appearance of seizures and psychosis, the patient is prescribed sleeping pills and sedatives. The psycho-emotional state is also corrected with the help of antidepressants.

    Throughout the treatment, the patient’s condition is carefully monitored. In the medical center “MEDLUX” monitoring is carried out using ECG, blood analysis and a set of laboratory diagnostic measures.

    Cost of alcohol dependence trearment in clinic – price in Ukraine

    • Consultation with a narcologist 1200 uah
    • Outpatient treatment 3000 uah
    • Clinic treatment from 5000 uah
    • Coding, filing from 7000 uah
    • Getting out the drinking at home​ 4000 uah
    The cost of treatment for alcohol addiction in clinic in Ukraine is quite different. Basically, the price is formed from the calculation of the cost of the medicines used, food, accommodation conditions (1, 2, 3-bed wards) and the qualifications of specialists.

    In the medical center “MEDLUX” accredited by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, treatment of alcoholism is carried out by strictly highly qualified specialists. The price includes all medical procedures, consultations, round-the-clock observation, care, discharge and recommendations for both patients and their relatives. The cost of treatment does not include laboratory diagnostics and individual, round-the-clock post. These services are paid separately.

    Author </br> Neyasov Vadim
    Neyasov Vadim

    Narcologist, psychotherapist, head of the clinic


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