UFOD | ultra-fast opioid detoxification

Removal of withdrawals (UFOD)

Stopping the withdrawal process in a drug addict, relieving him of excruciating physical pain and removing toxic substances from the body in just 6-8 hours is provided by ultra-fast opioid detoxification (UFOD), which provides for a complex of emergency medical measures to normalize the physiological and psychological state of the body.

The restoration of the body is carried out using specialized medical equipment and medicines – this allows you to quickly and efficiently remove opiates from the body, as well as their decay products. The high popularity of the AML method is explained by the absence of pain for the patient and the minimum recovery time.

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When the ultra-fast opioid detoxification of the body is applied

Ultra-fast opioid detoxification is used by narcologists at the first stage of complex treatment of addicted patients, during a period of high concentration of opioid drugs in the blood.

In the process of detoxification, drug displacement of the drug and its decay products (toxins) occurs. The process takes place under anesthesia, which allows the addict to relieve the severe physical pain and anguish observed during withdrawal.

Typically, the entire ultra-rapid opioid detoxification process takes no more than 6-8 hours. The duration of the procedure directly depends on the patient’s condition and the concentration of drugs in the blood at the time of the start of the procedure.

Advantages of the procedure

The program of ultra-fast opioid detoxification of drug addicts, in contrast to traditional stationary detox programs, has a number of advantages, thanks to which it is considered the most effective in the field:

  • Eliminates (relieves) the arising pain syndromes caused by fragility when stopping the use of drugs. The procedure is painless and does not cause an aggressive response from the patient;
  • The duration of detoxification is only 6-8 hours and takes place under anesthesia, while the classical in-patient detoxification takes at least 4-12 days;
  • Provides the action of opiate blockers – this allows the addicted person to have time to experience a healthy life, where there is no place for drugs;
  • The method is absolutely safe – it has been proven by numerous clinical trials and confirmed by the certification of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine;
  • Virtually no side effects, only 1 in 10 patients after the procedure may experience weakness, dizziness, nausea.
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One of the main advantages of the UFOD procedure is the possibility of effective application even in the most advanced cases. The procedure is carried out only in a hospital, under the close supervision of narcologists – this allows you to control the detoxification process of the body, and, if necessary, undertake certain medical manipulations.

UFOD – price in Kyiv

  • UFOD (Quick Detox) in a three-bed room 35000 uah
  • UFOD (Quick detox) in a double room 45000 uah
  • UFOD (Quick detox) in a single room 50000 uah
  • Outpatient treatment (detoxification) for drugs 3000 uah

The specialized drug addiction center in Kyiv “MEDLUX” offers professional services of ultra-fast opioid detoxification on favorable terms for the client. Our center has all the necessary modern equipment, only certified (original) medicines from trusted suppliers are used, and comfortable conditions are provided for patients to stay in the hospital: wards with bathrooms, meals.

Use the services of professionals and get rid of addiction in the shortest period of time!

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