What is salt dependence

Addiction drug salt

Despite the fact that the drug “salt” has spread relatively recently, the scale of use in Ukraine has become very large. The problem is provoked by the high availability of the substance, the simplicity of its preparation and the sharply negative effect on the body, causing both dependence and physiological/psychological pathologies, leading to complete destruction of the personality and active degradation, up to death.

When using a synthetic drug, salt dependence develops rapidly. As a result, a person can no longer get rid of the problem on his own, so it is very important to get treatment for salts in a professional drug treatment clinic in a timely manner.

Salt dependence treatment – procedure features

Salt treatment: Persistent addiction develops after just a few doses. The cessation of the action of the substance causes a withdrawal in the addict, manifested by the strongest physical and psychological suffering.

For most people, such conditions are unbearable – addicts try to find and take a new dose as soon as possible, closing themselves in a vicious circle, from which it is almost impossible to get out of it without hospital treatment and subsequent psychological assistance.

Salt addiction treatment is carried out in several main stages. First of all, doctors carry out a comprehensive drug detoxification of the body, which allows you to remove the remnants of “salts” and their derivatives from the body, as well as to alleviate withdrawal symptoms.

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    As a result, the physiological functions of organs and body systems are restored, psychomotor agitation is relieved.

    The second stage of salt treatment is psychological assistance to the patient. The work of psychologists, psychotherapists and psychiatrists is aimed at conveying information about the entire danger of further drug use. Both individual and group therapy is carried out. The result of the help of specialists is the restoration of the normal psychological state of a person with a sharply negative attitude towards the use of any drugs.

    Why salt is dangerous – consequences of use

    Salts are one of the most dangerous drugs that threaten a stable psychological and physiological state of a person. They blur the line between danger and safety, imagination and reality. Under the influence of salts, organs are affected, and brain activity is disturbed.

    Drug addicts who do not pass the salt treatment in a timely manner have suicidal tendencies, which leads to suicide or accidents provoked by hallucinations and loss of a sense of danger in critical situations.

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    Symptoms and signs of salt use

    Like other narcotic drugs, salts cause a number of symptoms that can be used to determine a person’s involvement in the use: dilated pupils, quick meaningless emotional speech, fussiness and restless movements, useless activity (collecting and parsing something, etc.), aggressive behavior, dry mouth and increased thirst, increased body temperature, grinding teeth caused by spasms of the masticatory muscles, rapid weight loss, appetite and sleep disorders, depression, anxiety, etc.

    If the above symptoms are found, it is necessary to take immediate measures, and if confirmed, to carry out a comprehensive treatment for salts.

    Treatment of salt addiction in Kyiv

    The specialized drug addiction center “MEDLUX” offers a full range of drug addiction treatment services in Kyiv. Our clinic employs highly qualified specialists who provide an individual approach to each patient, taking into account his physiological and psycho-emotional disorders!

    Give yourself and your close people a healthy life in which there is no place for drugs!

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