Narcological emergency

Emergency drug treatment

Alcohol and drug addiction is a daily problem for many people. The availability of alcohol and drugs, in combination with quick addiction, create conditions for the development of a wide range of physiological and psychological pathologies, demonstrating lightning-fast development.

People come to excessive alcohol and drug use in different ways, from banal curiosity to psychological problems caused by various factors: family troubles, problems at work, a dubious social circle, unfulfilled ambitions, etc. Despite the difference in reasons, they are united by one thing – a sharp deterioration in health. At a certain stage, this vicious circle leads to the need to call an ambulance for drug treatment that can stabilize the condition and bring a person back to life.

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Rapid narcological assistance around the clock – when you need to call the specialists

Rapid drug treatment is a vital tool that allows you to bring a patient out of a critical condition caused by various narcotic and alcohol-containing substances, including:

  • Acute intoxication of the body, with an overdose of drugs or alcohol;
  • Drunken states of any complexity and duration. After 1 day of drinking period, toxins and alcohol breakdown products begin to accumulate in the body;
  • Convulsive manifestations of alcohol and drug etiology;
  • Withdrawal symptoms, expressed in the form of a hangover or withdrawal symptoms (manifested due to the inaccessibility of a drug or refusal to consume alcoholic drinks).

Narcological emergency at home in Kyiv

Symptoms for calling the medical crew

The main symptoms for which it is necessary to call an ambulance for drug treatment at home include: shortness of breath, arrhythmia (uneven heart rate), intense vomiting, pallor of the skin and cyanosis of the mucous membranes, weakness, acute pain, insomnia, tremor (tremors), suicidal mood, hallucinations, signs of delirium tremens and other symptoms atypical for a healthy person.

Be aware! Depending on the type of drugs taken, the symptoms can vary significantly. It is very important that help in case of an overdose of alcoholic and narcotic substances is provided promptly – this significantly increases the chances of a full recovery of the physiological and psychological state of the body!

How is the narcological emergencyat home provided?

Clinic “MEDLUX” provides emergency drug treatment 24/7. A mobile crew consisting of highly qualified and experienced drug therapists drives out in a specialized car within a few minutes after receiving the signal, which guarantees the arrival at the patient’s address in the shortest possible time.

Immediately after arrival, doctors diagnose the patient, determine the degree / nature of drug or alcohol addiction, take emergency medical measures to stabilize the condition, and also give recommendations for further therapy.

Cost of round-the-clock narcological emergency in Kyiv

  • At home (Kyiv) 4000 uah
  • At home (Kyiv region) 4500 uah
  • In a clinic 5000 uah
  • Departure of the ambulance crew Kyiv 4600 uah
  • Departure of the ambulance crew Kyiv region 5200 uah

The final price for emergency drug treatment in the MEDLUX clinic directly depends on the mental and physiological state of the patient at the time of the arrival of the crew, as well as the range of services provided to stabilize the condition.

Remember! A timely call for help can save the lives of you and your close people!

Author </br> Neyasov Vadim
Neyasov Vadim

Narcologist, psychotherapist, head of the clinic


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