How to choose the right rehabilitation center

How to choose the right rehabilitation center

The choice of a psychological assistance center is based on its various aspects:

  1. Availability of relevant documentation on the type of activity.
  2. Availability of qualified specialists, first of all: psychologists, psychotherapists, addicts, psychiatrists, coaches.
  3. Signing a bilateral agreement on the provision of psychological assistance.
  4. Structured program.
  5. Availability of high-quality diagnostic techniques for determining the stage of the problem. This is necessary for a clear understanding of the personality traits of the addict, as well as the definition of an individual concept of work in the process of rehabilitation.
  6. The presence of a different spectrum of specialists when choosing a therapy.
  7. Organized scheme of psychological assistance in 5 areas of development: spiritual, social, physical and psycho-emotional, intellectual.

The programs offered by the rehabilitation centers today are very diverse.

REHAB assumes an approach to problem solving at different levels:


  • availability of a gym for the development and restoration of physical health;
  • balanced diet;
  • psychotherapeutic group and private sessions;
  • comfortable living conditions.

The rehabilitation program must necessarily contain not only physical work, but also spiritual, cognitive, creative, behavioral, emotional.

Our program includes all effective psychocorrectional techniques and a variety of models of psychotherapy, both group and personal. The necessary knowledge about the problem of addiction is also the main element of rehabilitation. Yes, to eradicate addiction in oneself, a person must have all the information about his illness.

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    Only complex treatment and multifaceted, phased rehabilitation will give a positive result!

    Recovery must necessarily be seen and worked out from all sides, both external, behavioral, and also internal.

    Working with the system of views of a destroyed personality, structuring value orientations, the emotional sphere – everything must acquire a new sober, sane form.

    High-quality rehabilitation is a high level of specialists who help a person to adapt to reality in a new way and live fully in healthy awareness.

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