Female alcoholism

Signs of female alcoholism
Female alcoholism is a serious drug addiction that has a number of specific features in comparison with male addiction. The disease develops over several months or even years, is characterized by an acute craving for regular consumption of alcoholic beverages. The dose to obtain the desired effect is gradually increased – this provokes an active depletion of the body, the normal functioning of internal organs is disrupted, which can become a catalyst for many problems, up to death. The main feature of female alcoholism is a severe form of manifestation, which is why the process of treatment and rehabilitation is much more difficult than that of men. The most severe stage develops within 7-8 years after the start of use. Therefore, it is very important, as soon as possible, to go to a drug treatment clinic and undergo treatment, which allows you to get rid of a harmful problem and live a healthy life, where there is no place for alcohol.

Symptoms and signs of female alcoholism

In most cases, women try to carefully hide their addiction. As a rule, this behavior is due to a lower loyalty in society to female alcoholism than to male alcoholism. As a result, referral to narcologists is postponed until the last moment, when addiction has already acquired increased resistance. The main symptomatic manifestations of female alcoholism include:
  • The appearance of a woman changes, pathological puffiness, bags under the eyes, bursting blood vessels appear;
  • There is a categorical denial of the problem (may be accompanied by aggression) with a constant desire to drink another dose of alcohol;
  • In the morning, withdrawal syndrome appears, accompanied by hand tremors;
  • The amount drunk is constantly increasing to obtain the necessary intoxication;

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    • The general state of health worsens; increased fatigue appears;
    • The reaction rate decreases, memory deteriorates, interest in traditional hobbies is lost;
    • Behavior atypical for a woman: excessive aggression, even for no apparent reason;
    • Having found the above symptoms in yourself or your close person, you must immediately contact a narcologist – this will allow for an objective diagnosis and take a number of medical measures to eliminate the problem.

    Clinic treatment of female alcoholism in Kyiv

    Specialized drug addiction clinic “MEDLUX” provides qualified assistance in the treatment of alcoholism. The doctors working in the clinic are highly qualified specialists with experience in the successful treatment of patients with various stages of addiction.

    Treatment requires an integrated approach aimed at eliminating psychological and physical dependence.

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    Treatment is carried out in several main stages:

    • Complex detoxification of the body, aimed at the complete elimination of ethyl residues, as well as toxic decay products;
    • Therapeutic treatment using a number of medications that restore the normal function of organs and systems (their healthy function is impaired as a result of systematic use);
    • Rehabilitation – provides for the work of a psychologist, psychotherapist and psychiatrist, individual consultations, group sessions, as well as work with relatives of the patient.

    The methods used for the treatment of female alcoholism in the MEDLUX clinic allow stopping the development of the disease, reversing the process – the end result is a complete restoration of physical and psychological health.

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