“Filing” from alcoholism

“Filing” from alcoholism

“Filing” from alcoholism

“Filing” is understood as alcohol abuse hypnosis by means of a chemical blockade, this is one of the methods of treating alcoholism. A blocker is ‘filed’ under the patient’s skin (in a hard-to-reach area). During the entire period, while the patient is under alcohol abuse hypnosis, the drug is released into the blood. If a person drinks alcohol, he gets poisoned. His health becomes worse, he may faint. Realizing this, the encoded one experiences fear of alcohol consumption.

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“Filing” the ampole for alcoholism

The doctor, before carrying out the ‘filing’ for alcoholism, must find out if the patient can be prescribed a similar drug. For this, the patient undergoes tests. The main contraindication is the lack of consent of the patient.

In Kyiv, medical contraindications for the introduction of ‘filing’ include:

  • infections;
  • diseases of the liver, kidneys;
  • oncology;
  • diabetes;
  • epileptic disorder;
  • suffered a heart attack.

Read more about the ‘filing’ of an alcohol ampoule.

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‘Filing’ a torpedo

The active substance of the Torpedo is disulfiram. When it enters the bloodstream, it blocks the breakdown of alcohol elements. Because of this, when alcohol is consumed, even in small quantities, the patient starts poisoning. The patient is sick, vomits. In addition, the patient begins to feel dizzy, and blood pressure decreases. Symptoms of tachycardia may appear. Read more about the Torpedo ‘filing’.

Esperal ‘filing’

Esperal ‘filing’ for alcoholismIn Kyiv, the introduction of the “Esperal” should be carried out under sterile conditions. The doctor cuts the skin of a patient with alcoholism on the buttocks, back or abdomen. Before the incision, the doctor performs anesthesia with an anesthetic drug: novocaine or lidocaine.

The doctor places the ‘filing’ in the incision and sutures. For five days, the patient needs to be bandaged. After this, the removal of postoperative sutures is performed.

The drug with disulfram remains under the skin for a set period. Disulfiram will be continuously released into the bloodstream. If the patient drinks an alcoholic drink, his condition will worsen significantly.

Tetlong ‘filing’

Here, as in the previous two preparations, the active substance is disulfiram. Before the introduction, the patient with alcoholism is told how his body will react even to a small dose of alcohol. Practice has shown that most of the people with the “Tetlong” do not drink alcoholic drinks, even in small quantities.

Vivitrol ‘filing’

In the Vivitrol preparation, the active ingredient is naltrexone. The agent is injected into the muscle once a month. Vivitrol blocks the receptors in the brain that are responsible for receiving pleasure; prevents the appearance of euphoria from drinking.

The blocking effect of the drug on the receptors allows you to eliminate the reinforcing effect of alcohol, weaken the desire to reuse it. To maximize the effectiveness of the ‘filing’, do not drink alcohol three to four days before its implementation.

Preparation for ‘filing’ from alcohol

Before the introduction of the ‘filing’, the doctor notifies the patient about the essence of the procedure, helps him psychologically prepare for the consequences. Also, before ‘filing’, the patient’s psyche is examined without fail. If the patient has a mental disorder, the ‘filing’ is not implemented. In addition, it should not be done to people over sixty years of age, pregnant women with diabetes mellitus. The ‘filing’ is contraindicated for people who suffer from diseases of the liver, cardiovascular system.

Preparing for ‘filing’ is quite easy. You must give up alcoholic drinks at least five to seven days before ‘filing’. In addition, you need to tune in to recovery and undergo a detoxification course. You will need to grant permission to embed the sheet set.

How is the ‘filing’ procedure done?

First, the doctor talks to the patient. He explains the essence of the procedure, the likely consequences, tells how the ‘filing’ will take place. After clarifying all the nuances, the patient agrees in writing to carry out the procedure.

For ‘filing’ against alcoholism, medical instruments and medications are used. During the operation, there should be funds for the provision of emergency medical aid near the doctor.

In Kyiv, ‘filing’ is carried out under local anesthesia under aseptic conditions. The doctor cuts the skin, usually in the buttocks. The drug is inserted under the skin by means of a trocar. Next, the doctor ‘file’ the incision, applies a bandage, which is impregnated with an antiseptic.

The volume of the drug introduced during the ‘filing’ from alcohol depends on the period for which the patient with alcoholism is ‘coded’. If the procedure is performed for the first time, the ‘filing’ is implemented for 12 months. When reintroduced, the drug is placed under the skin for three to five years.

The advantage of this alcohol abuse hypnosis method is considered to be a long-lasting effect, as well as the fact that there is no need to take medication. The ‘filing’ procedure lasts about 1 hour. The downside is that ‘filing’ itself does not cure an alcoholic patient. Only the fear of the consequences restrains the patient from consuming alcoholic drinks. In view of this, after performing the procedure, the patient needs to be provided with psychological support. This can be done by family members of the patient. Also, the patient can start attending special groups in Kyiv.

The cost of filing against alcoholism – prices in the MEDLUX clinic

  • Implantation of a gel containing Disulfiram (from 1 to 3 years old) 7000 - 9000 uah
  • Implantation (‘filing’) of the Esperal capsule 8000 uah
  • Injection of the drug Vivitrol 12000 uah
  • Injection of the drug Tetlong 250 3500 uah
  • Author's ‘coding’ technique (three-stage complex) 5400 uah
  • ‘Coding’ by the Dovzhenko method from 4500 uah
  • Psychopharmacological ‘coding’ 6000 - 8000 uah
  • ‘Decoding’ from alcohol 3000 uah
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Neyasov Vadim

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