Esperal ‘filing’

Esperal ‘filing’ for alcoholism

Esperal implantation (‘filing’) is one of the most popular alcohol abuse hypnosis methods for alcoholics. This method has already managed to prove itself on the positive side, providing high efficiency of addiction treatment over the past years.

The basis is a special medical preparation based on disulfiram. Each capsule contains 100 milligrams of active ingredient; the duration of action is from 1 to 5 years. Esperal is filed under the scapula, buttock or into the soft tissues of the abdomen. It should be used only in combination with the subsequent rehabilitation of an alcoholic, otherwise, there is a high probability of a breakdown.

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Esperal from alcoholism – features of the alcohol abuse hypnosis method

The method consists in the physiological effect of the drug on the human body, using even the smallest dose of alcohol. Esperal causes an acute excruciatingly painful reaction when interacting with ethanol.

In order to carry out the ‘filing’ procedure, the patient must undergo preliminary training. Its main stages include:

  1. Creation of sustainable motivation to get rid of alcohol addiction. The patient must understand all the perniciousness of his own problem and be tuned in to long-term abstinence from alcoholic drinks, as well as a desire to undergo further rehabilitation, with full restoration of physical and mental health;
  2. A comprehensive examination of the patient’s body is carried out; it is determined that there are contraindications to the use of a drug based on disulfiram;
  3. Before starting the procedure, the patient must independently refrain from drinking even small doses of alcohol for 5-7 days;
  4. The alcohol abuse hypnosis period is determined. This decision is made by the patient himself, after consultation with a specialized specialist.

After completing the preliminary preparation, the patient suffering from alcoholism comes to the hospital of the clinic for the procedure of ‘filing’ the drug, which is carried out by an experienced narcologist.

How is esperal implantation done

The Esperal implantation procedure is carried out in an addiction clinic, in sterile conditions, in full compliance with the rules of septic and antiseptics. The doctor anesthetizes the site of implantation of the drug (abdomen, buttock, scapula), makes an incision, installs the capsule and sutures the incision. The procedure is practically painless and does not cause significant discomfort to the patient. Sutures at the site of implantation are removed after 5-7 days.

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An easier method of ‘filing’ is the Esperal subcutaneous injection. In this case, it is not the capsule that is sutured, but a special gel based on disulfiram is introduced. The mechanism of action is similar: the substance injected under the skin gradually penetrates into the bloodstream, maintaining a constant level of drug concentration – this procedure can be performed by a narcologist not only in a hospital, but also at the patient’s home.

Esperal ‘filing’ – price in Kyiv clinic “MEDLUX”

  • Implantation of a gel containing Disulfiram (from 1 to 3 years old) 7000 - 9000 uah
  • Implantation (‘filing’) of the Esperal capsule 8000 uah
  • Injection of the drug Vivitrol 12000 uah
  • Injection of the drug Tetlong 250 3500 uah
  • Author's ‘coding’ technique (three-stage complex) 5400 uah
  • ‘Coding’ by the Dovzhenko method from 4500 uah
  • Psychopharmacological ‘coding’ 6000 - 8000 uah
  • ‘Decoding’ from alcohol 3000 uah

The cost of the Esperal ‘filing’ procedure depends on a number of factors that the doctor can determine only after a preliminary examination of the patient, taking into account his current condition, the degree of dependence, the patient’s personal desire to get rid of the harmful problem, as well as a number of other factors.

There are still questions, and you want to receive a detailed consultation on the method of alcohol abuse hypnosis for alcoholism using Esperal? Our experts will be happy to answer all relevant questions and help in solving your problem!

Author </br> Neyasov Vadim
Neyasov Vadim

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