Rehabilitation of drug addicts

Rehabilitation of drug addicts

Rehabilitation of drug addicts

Veshkurtsev Artem Alekseevich
Head of the Department of Rehabilitation and Psychological Assistance of “Rehab-Center”

Drug addiction belongs to acute social problems in Ukraine, affecting people of all ages and social groups. Addiction to narcotic drugs can be provoked by various factors: from banal curiosity and a desire to eliminate moral worries, to forced coercion to use certain substances by third parties.

Regardless of the reasons for the emergence of addiction, the vast majority of people cannot cope with their problem on their own and need professional rehabilitation for drug addicts.

Rehabilitation of drug addicts Kyiv

Rehabilitation center for alcoholics in Kyiv

Rehabilitation of drug addicts is a long-term process involving an integrated approach to each patient, taking into account his psychological and physiological characteristics. Rehabilitation procedures for drug addicts are carried out in a special drug treatment center “MEDLUX”.

Rehabilitation of a drug addict cannot be carried out at the patient’s home. Treatment outside the hospital carries a number of significant risks, primarily associated with the complexity of monitoring the patient’s condition and the possibility of disrupting recovery at any time.

Rehabilitation center for drug addicts in Kyiv – how the treatment is done

Rehabilitation of drug addicts requires an integrated approach to the elimination of addiction. During the recovery period, the patient should be in a comfortable environment and feel caring from others – this helps him to restore his psychological state, to understand that life can be interesting and bright without taking drugs.

Particular attention should be paid to the qualifications of doctors, psychologists, psychotherapists and consultants. Effective rehabilitation includes a whole range of individual and group procedures that ensure the restoration of both the physiological functions of the body and the psychological health of the patient with the formation of a sharply negative attitude towards drugs. And the ability to teach a person to live a full life without the use of surfactants.

How is the rehabilitation of drug users done in “MEDLUX”

The process of rehabilitation of a drug addict begins with a comprehensive drug detoxification. This allows you to remove from the body the remnants of narcotic substances and their decay products in a minimum time, from the first day to ease withdrawal (unbearable physical and psychological suffering) and begin the process of full recovery.

The second stage is professional psychological assistance, carried out both by individual and group methods, work on oneself according to our own author’s method. This allows you to restore life values, principles, to establish healthy relationships in the family and with close people. To acquire skills that help a person to fully integrate into society and, with the help of our specialists, to realize their plans and goals.

If necessary, the final stage of rehabilitation is a ‘coding’ procedure that ensures aversion or indifference to the use of substances. ‘Coding’ can be carried out in three different ways or in combination: hypnosis, application of the Dovzhenko method, or insertion of a capsule with a medicine under the skin.

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Rehabilitation of drug addicts in MEDLUX clinic – anonymously

The specialized drug addiction center “MEDLUX” offers conditions for the rehabilitation of drug addicts using modern highly effective methods that have proven their effectiveness in practice. You or your close people will be dealt with by highly qualified specialists who have experience in the rehabilitation of patients of any complexity. The cost of services directly depends on several factors at once: the psychological and physiological state of the patient, the methods used, the duration of treatment, and the conditions of stay.

Take care of yourself and the health of your close people today!

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