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Drug test in Kyiv

Drug addiction is one of the most acute social problems, destroying both society and specific individuals, their families. Getting started with drugs can seem like a little pampering that can be quickly abandoned at any time. As practice shows, such an attitude leads to very serious problems: a violation of the psychological, physiological functions of the body and even death.

If you find signs of drug use in your close people or simply have reasonable suspicions – conduct a specialized drug test and get a 100% correct answer.

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Drug test: two basic ways to test

Today there are two ways to test for drugs. The first method involves the purchase of a pharmacy drug test and conducting it at home, and the second is to conduct the test in a specialized drug treatment clinic.

Buying a drug test from a pharmacy and using it at home has several significant disadvantages:

  • Rapid home tests implemented in pharmacy chains are very limited and have extremely low performance. They are unable to exhibit small residual doses as well as many types of drugs;
  • The suspected user can easily spoil the test by cheating. Drug addicts are quite inventive, they can sound quite convincing excuses that a drug test is extremely unreliable, it shows a false result or is completely faked.
Drug test in hospital

Remember! Not all tests give a 100% result, some types of drugs can only be determined in a hospital clinic.

Doing a drug test in a narcological clinic makes it possible to obtain the most reliable result. It allows you to find a very wide range of drugs, to show even the smallest residual doses (3-4 months after use) and practically excludes the possibility of errors, damage to the test material and other situations that can call out doubts about the objectivity of the result – this is very important for people who want to ‘get to the bottom of the truth’ and find out the truth about your close people.

Drug testing in medlux clinic

Drug test: two basic ways to test
Drug clinic “MEDLUX” offers services for a comprehensive laboratory test for drugs. Our clinic has everything you need to undergo the procedure, highly qualified specialists work, and all tests carried out are completely confidential. We understand the importance of not disseminating such information, so our clients can be fully confident that testing will remain a medical secret.

The cost of a drug test

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How the clinic drug test is done

Attendance is carried out and the required material for the test is taken. Our specialists will make sure that the tested person does not have the opportunity to substitute or damage samples – this guarantees the most accurate, reliable result.

The received samples are sent to our own laboratory “MEDLUX”, where a study is carried out, showing the presence or absence of drugs in the body, their type and quantity.

Is it possible to take a drug test at home

The desire of people to undergo the procedure at home is not surprising, because in this case there is no need to go to the clinic. When choosing this option, it is necessary to take into account all the risks, first of all, associated with the behavior of a potential drug addict, who, in all possible ways, will try to discredit or falsify the result. If it is not possible to come to the clinic, our specialists can conduct a drug test at home.

Take care of yourself and your close people by contacting professionals!

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