Drug addiction, alcoholism and other dependencies are treatable


Is it possible? Complete rejection of addiction is not a myth. As with any disease, cure is possible. Yes, the path to full recovery is long and difficult, but with the support of close people and competent therapy, a return to normal life is guaranteed.

Treatment of any addiction requires a planned comprehensive approach and is aimed at returning the patient to a full healthy life. In fact, gambling and alcoholism are also drug addictions from addictions. It’s just that other concepts are called here, but the essence remains the same. Even the very definition of “addiction” is rarely used as a medical term. Most often, according to the international classification of diseases, this disease is called “addiction syndrome”.

Treatment of addiction syndrome is a complex of methods aimed at getting rid of physical and psychological addiction to drugs.

Complex of treatment measures

Voluntary informed consent to addiction treatment. This is perhaps the foundational cornerstone in the treatment of this disease. Only consciously, only voluntarily and not for the sake of children, family, mother. The patient must choose the path to recovery himself. For yourself and only for yourself, fully aware of your choice. The decision should be cold-blooded, with full acceptance of responsibility and not under a momentary impulse because “everyone expected this from me.”

Medication. Hundreds of programs have been developed to treat addiction in the modern world. Each has its own merits and advantages. All of them have a common goal at the beginning of the program – detoxification of the addict or the withdrawal of the alcoholic from the binge with subsequent correction of treatment depending on the symptoms and neglect of the disease.

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    Psychological treatment. This is perhaps the longest and most complex component of therapy, to which, unfortunately, in our country, in free medicine, due attention is not paid. It has long been proven that the very emergence of addiction in a person comes from disorder in life. Conclusion from the binge of an alcoholic does not unequivocally guarantee a complete recovery. Quick and easily accessible “happiness” when dealing with a drug is the secret of the emergence of addiction in many and by depriving this component in the treatment of a patient, you must be ready to fill the resulting niche.

    Recipe for success

    Medical therapy without psychological support is not effective. And both of the last points are worthless without the patient’s conscious desire to be cured. Therapy with drugs alone will not bring relief, but only harm or cause real pain to the patient.

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    Removal of physical dependence is achieved quite effectively. But with psychocorrection, everything is much more complicated. An individual approach is important here. There is no single magic pill. The person and their close people should be prepared that addiction treatment is not a quick process. Working with a psychologist can take years. Sometimes all the life.

    The algorithm of treatment with a psychologist is reduced to the following points:

    • Gathering information to understand the cause that led to the addiction;
    • Taking the first impulse that led to the disease;
    • Elaboration and awareness of prerequisites and problems;
    • Further psychological support after getting rid of the addiction, if necessary.

    The owner of his destiny

    Addiction treatment is perhaps one of the few diseases where the role of the patient and the doctor in treatment converges in one person. Qualified specialists and family are just people who can provide “withdrawal of withdrawal symptoms”; show the path to recovery. The path that the patient must follow on his own.

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