Psychiatric certificate

Psychiatric certificate

According to the current legislation of Ukraine, a psychiatrist certificate is an official medical document drawn up in the form (122-2 / 0). It can be issued by both public and private medical institutions; it is a confirmation of the absence of mental pathologies in a particular person.

In the Kyiv clinic “MEDLUX” you can get the service of obtaining a certificate of a psychiatrist on favorable terms. We employ highly qualified specialists who strictly adhere to the instructions and norms of medical ethics, so the leading employers of the country turn to us to obtain objective results of the psychiatric examination of their subordinates.

Why do you need a psychiatric certificate?

A psychiatric certificate is required for a range of personal and professional challenges, including:

  • When employed in certain positions: medical workers and pharmacists (in contact with drugs and precursors), security guards, teachers, public transport drivers, military personnel, high-altitude workers, a number of positions in government agencies.
  • To obtain a driver’s license;
  • Obtaining a weapon permit;
  • When registering large consumer loans, mortgages, investment transactions;
  • When concluding transactions for the purchase / sale of real estate;
  • When adopting a child.

The received certificate of a psychiatrist serves as proof of a person’s mental balance, as well as his resistance to emerging stressful situations. It confirms that a person is safe for himself and others in various stressful situations that can happen at work, while driving, carrying weapons, military service, etc.

Where is it possible to get a psychiatric certificate

You can get a psychiatrist certificate in two main ways: by contacting a private clinic or a specialized state medical institution. Both in one and in the other case, there are advantages and disadvantages.

The advantage of obtaining a certificate in a public hospital is the lower cost than in a private clinic. However, it is worth considering the peculiarities of domestic medicine, which are accompanied by lengthy bureaucratic processing, long queues, uncomfortable waiting conditions, as well as a low level of service. If there is a corruption component, the cost of the certificate approaches the price of registration in a private clinic.

Obtaining a certificate in a private medical institution has a whole range of advantages, in addition to the official cost of the service, which is slightly higher than in a state polyclinic.

Of the main advantages, it is worth noting:

  • Possibility of pre-appointment at a convenient time for you – after the appointment, you can be sure that the doctor will not have a queue, and the appointment will take place in a timely manner;
  • There is no complicated bureaucratic component. To undergo examination and obtain a certificate of a psychiatrist, you must provide: passport, certificate of registration or military ID;
  • The issuance of a certificate on a government-issued form is carried out immediately after receiving the conclusion of the doctors. Usually the same day;

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    • All procedures are carried out in modern equipped rooms, in a comfortable environment for the patient.

    Do you need to get a psychiatrist certificate in Ukraine and get service from highly qualified specialists? Contact the medical clinic “MEDLUX”, and feel the professional approach at an affordable price!

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