My child is a drug addict: first steps

My child is a drug addict: first steps

Drug addiction is one of the most acute medical problems in Ukraine. It becomes especially difficult for parents whose child has become addicted. Most parents faced with this problem begin to panic and do not know what measures need to be taken – they take steps that only push the child away from the family, exacerbating an already difficult situation.

It is very important to find the right approach to the addict, because almost all drug addicts deny their problem even in the case of direct incrimination, try to deceive their close people, talk about the fact that use is just innocent pampering that can be stopped without effort at any time.

Do not agree with the addict, do not close eyes to the problem

Parents always want to believe in the best, that there is simply no problem – many close their eyes, agreeing with their children that the use will soon end, that this is a difficult age or period in life. Self-complacency can continue until the problem becomes critical or completely irreparable.

It is worth understanding and accepting that the child has become a drug addict, and without professional help, it is extremely difficult, sometimes impossible, to fix the problem. Without realizing the problem, it is very difficult to take further steps, because many people prefer not to think about the real risk to the psychological and physical health of the child.

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    If you find that your child is taking drugs, immediately contact a specialist, narcologists, together with professional psychologists, will be able to find the right approach to the addict, providing high-quality diagnostics and correct treatment.

    How to talk to your child and motivate him to treat

    One of the most effective ways that allows a person to understand his own addiction is to have a frank conversation with close people. To do this, parents can use the so-called method of intervention: a family council meets, and in the process of a conversation, parents determine for their child a number of conditions with which the latter must agree.

    At this stage, it is very important for the child to feel the care and help of his close people. The essence of the conversation should boil down to the fact that the parents will in every possible way support the addict and help him, but only if he agrees to undergo treatment for drug addicts. It is also very important to give him a choice – it is worth pointing out that if he refuses treatment, his parents will not force him, but will allow him to live without them, further using drugs.

    The main task of this method is to set the rules by family members, and not by a drug addict, he must understand that he will no longer be indulged.

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    What to do if a child completely denies its drug dependence

    If you are faced with a complete denial of the problem of drug addicts, and the method of family conversation did not give the desired effect, it is necessary to conduct motivational treatment. It should be understood that this method of treatment is not entirely humane, because the addict is isolated from drugs against his will and a comprehensive detoxification from drugs is carried out, which allows you to remove the remnants of drugs and their derivatives from the body, while simultaneously removing withdrawal symptoms (physically unbearable torment) for carrying out further rehabilitation.

    Where to go for professional help?

    If you clearly understand the problem and are ready to fight for a healthy future for your child who has fallen into a harmful drug addiction, contact the specialized drug addiction clinic “MEDLUX”. We employ experienced highly qualified specialists and have all the necessary conditions for correct diagnosis, high-quality treatment and effective rehabilitation of a drug addict!

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