Medlux treatment and recovery program

Features of treatment and restoration program

One of the main stages in the treatment of alcoholism in the conditions of the specialized drug addiction clinic “MEDLUX” is a treatment and rehabilitation program focused on the complex restoration of the normal functioning of all key body functions, as well as the correction of existing disorders of the psychoemotional state and physiology.

The program provides for the elimination of imbalance in neurotransmitters, which is the main cause of the development of the disease. Also, specialists carry out individual work aimed at personal training the patient to properly maintain mental balance and comfort in various life situations – this allows you to create a stable motivation for refusing to drink alcohol even in psychologically difficult moments.

Features of treatment and restoration program in MEDLUX

The program is designed for people with alcohol dependence, who have a rather low motivation, and also have other diseases caused by complications of addiction.

Stages of the medical and rehabilitation program “MEDLUX”:

Extended body diagnostics

Allows to conduct an objective assessment of the physiological and psychological state of the patient, as well as to determine the factors that served as the primary cause of the development of alcoholism. Based on the data received, a personal treatment course is drawn up.

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    The following diagnostic techniques are used: ultrasound examination of internal organs, DNA test (showing the presence and type of neuromedical metabolism disorders, as well as drug tolerance), clinical analyzes, diagnostics of the cardiovascular system, individual consultations.

    Personal course of treatment with the participation of specialized doctors

    The course is developed based on the findings from a complete survey. It takes into account the individual physiological and psychological characteristics of a particular patient.


    The detoxification stage provides for a comprehensive purification of the body from the remnants of alcohol and its decay products using the most modern medicines, including: normotimics, hepatoprotectors, nootropics, vegetative stabilizers and others.

    The procedure is carried out in two types of therapies: infusion and metabolic. The latter allows you to provide the body with useful substances that restore health: amino acids, vitamins and minerals.

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    Renewal of neuromedical balance

    Professional work is carried out aimed at restoring the physical and psycho-emotional state of the patient, mental balance and comfort return. At this stage, metabolic and medicinal techniques are used, the prescribed diet is followed and kinesiogenic therapy is carried out.

    Resumption of normal functioning of organs and systems

    A comprehensive therapeutic approach and a number of highly effective procedures are used to normalize the function of organs and systems: ultraviolet laser irradiation of blood, transcranial electrical stimulation, as well as: biofeedback, SPA capsule and ILBI.

    We form and provide sustainable motivation

    In the process, new principles of leading a life are formed, in which there is no place for alcohol, but there are many reasons for joy and psychological satisfaction.

    Specialists carry out:

    • 12 steps program;
    • Personal consultations with a psychotherapist and psychologist;
    • Conducting psychotherapy with the patient’s relatives;
    • Visiting introspection and self-help groups;
    • Body-oriented psychotherapy.

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