Beer alcoholism

Treatment of beer alcoholism

Beer alcoholism is one of the most common types of addiction, it develops over several years and is the most invisible path to sustainable alcoholism with all the ensuing consequences. It is very difficult or almost impossible to get rid of this problem on your own.

The main feature of the disease is latent and rapid development. A person drinking a foamy drink often does not take danger seriously – this is due to the peculiarities of advertising companies of manufacturers, where beer is associated with sports, interesting acquaintances and success, as well as high loyalty in a society where a person who drinks a lot of beer is not perceived as a potential alcoholic.

Symptoms and signs of beer alcoholism

Due to the fact that for a long time beer alcoholism proceeds in a latent form, it is quite difficult to detect the problem: people live their usual lives, go to work, devote time to close people, and also do all the usual things for them. However, after a few months or years, symptomatic manifestations can be noticed, including:
  • The volume of beer consumed within 24 hours exceeds 1 liter – this volume of beer can no longer provide the required level of intoxication. In the future, the dose of the drinker only increases;
  • A beer alcoholic may experience unreasonable aggression and irritability during the period of sobriety – it disappears only after taking another dose of the intoxicated drink;

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    • Problems with sexual function in men are possible;
    • To raise the mood and relieve tension, the traditional pleasures are no longer enough for a person, improvement occurs only after a few sips of foamy. Often, they start drinking beer from early morning until late at night;
    • Denial of a problem, talk that beer cannot cause alcoholism.

    Also, the main signs of beer-type alcoholism include: excess weight, swelling of the face, bags under the eyes, cyanosis of the skin, heavy breathing with extraneous noises.

    Having discovered the above symptoms and signs in yourself or your close person, you need to urgently take action – contact a narcologist, he will diagnose, determine the presence/degree of the problem and take the necessary measures for effective inpatient or outpatient treatment.

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    Treatment of beer alcoholism

    Treatment of beer alcoholism is a long and difficult task that requires a high level of motivation from the patient. The difficulty, first of all, is due to the fact that a person suffering from beer addiction does not get drunk like a classic alcoholic – this fact allows him not to consider himself sick. The main task of relatives and psychologists is to help the patient in realizing his own problem, creating a stable motivation that will allow him to go through all the stages of treatment and rehabilitation, and also return him to a healthy life, where there is no place for alcohol.

    One of the most effective treatments for beer alcoholism is ‘coding’ to create a strong physical and psychological barrier. Before starting the ‘filing’ (‘coding’) procedure, a complex detoxification of the body is carried out – the residues of ethyl alcohol, as well as toxic products of its decay, are eliminated. Before starting the procedure, the patient should refrain from drinking any dose of alcohol for 5-7 days.

    Do you or your close person suffer from beer alcoholism, want to solve the problem and return to a normal healthy life? Contact the MEDLUX medical clinic and undergo treatment with the best drug therapists in Kyiv!

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