Drug treatment - pros and cons

Addiction treatment

The problem of drug addiction has swept over Ukraine, and every year it continues to worsen. It not only causes degradation of the personality, makes the dependent an asocial element of society, but also contributes to the destruction of families, cripples fate, and if adequate measures are not taken in a timely manner, it ends with the death of the addict, delivering unbearable mental suffering to close people.

One of the most effective methods of recovery is drug treatment of drug addiction, which includes detoxification measures, restoration of healthy organ functions and coding with special drugs. As a result, drugs and their decay products are rapidly eliminated from the body, as well as a stable psychological effect on the addicted person is provided, motivating him to stop using.

Advantages of drug treatment

Modern drug treatment of drug addiction is a separate stage in the complex treatment of drug addiction, involving the implementation of therapeutic measures aimed at introducing various drugs into the addict’s body, the main purpose of which is to relieve withdrawal symptoms, to remove the residues of drugs and their derivatives from the body, and also reduced cravings.

Thanks to the implementation of ultra-fast opioid detoxification (UFOD), the patient can be completely relieved of the unbearable physical suffering caused by the refusal to take the drug;

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    Medicines demonstrate high efficiency in the post-detoxification period, their use is aimed at eliminating metabolic disorders, behavioral disorders and normalizing the mental state. These drugs include: sedatives, hypnotics, etc. All appointments must be strictly supervised by a specialized specialist.

    It has a positive effect in the treatment of the syndromic complex of mental addiction. At the same time, drug therapy can only carry auxiliary functions, ensuring the normalization of the psycho-emotional background, as well as the removal of the physical aspects of the manifestation of addiction.

    Serve as an effective tool for anti-relapse therapy focused on patient ‘coding’ using prolonged types of opioid receptor blockers.

    Drug addiction treatment – disadvantages

    Medicines used in the treatment of drug addiction can eliminate the development of drug effects and remove symptoms manifested in the form of unbearable physical suffering (withdrawal syndrome), but they do not affect the mental state of the addict.

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    Patients undergoing treatment for heroin addiction with naltrexone, in an effort to overcome the immunity of their own body, may inject too large a dose of the drug, which can cause an overdose, fraught with both deterioration and death. Therefore, it is very important to carry out drug treatment under the strict supervision of a highly qualified narcologist, who will not only determine the optimal dose of medications for a particular patient, but also take additional measures if necessary.

    It should be understood that drug treatment is only the first step for the patient’s recovery, the subsequent rehabilitation of the drug addict without medication plays a critical role, motivating the patient to recover and returning him to a normal life in a social environment!

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