Treatment of neurosis and astenia

Treatment of neuroses

Neurasthenia or asthenic nerve is a complex mental illness. They are accompanied by depression of mood, up to the development of depressive conditions, tearfulness, increased nervous excitability, autonomic disorders, irritable weakness and other problems of a nervous nature.

To prevent the aggravation of the problem and restore the normal physiological and psychological life of a person, it is necessary to undergo comprehensive treatment from qualified doctors.

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Psychiatrist - narcologist
Ivan Vladimirovich Brednev

Psychiatrist - narcologist

Symptoms of astenic neurosis

As with other psychogenic diseases, neuroses and asthenia are manifested by certain symptoms that make it possible to determine the problem in a particular person. The most common symptoms include: a sharp breakdown, increased fatigue, increased sensitivity to external stimuli (a person can react sharply to sudden changes in temperature, light, sound, etc.). Depressive states, the impossibility of long and medium duration physical exertion, a decrease in willpower, poor memorability of numbers and events, and distraction of attention can also occur.

Often, nerves and asthenia are accompanied by acute headaches of the shingles type, vegetative-vascular dysfunctions, dysfunctions of the digestive and genitourinary systems.

Reasons of neurosis and astenia

Nerves and asthenia are a special type of psychological disorder caused by prolonged psycho-emotional and physical exhaustion. It leads to rapid fatigue, hypersensitivity and emotional instability.

The main reasons for the onset of pathology, in addition to physical and psycho-emotional exhaustion, were filmed: long-term regular exposure to stimuli such as: misunderstanding in the family and between close people, colleagues, friends, regular stress, performing routine work of the same type that requires increased attention, personal and family tragedies, loss of close people, divorce, etc.

Main types of nervois and astenia

Doctors distinguish between several main types of nerves and asthenia, expressed in various clinical forms:
  • Hypertensive form – is the initial (first) stage of the development of pathology;
  • Irritable weakness – occurs in case of progress of the hypertensive form and is accompanied by pronounced irritability, flowing into active nervous exhaustion;
  • The hyposthenic form is the last stage in the development of neurasthenia, it manifests itself in the absence of treatment for the patient in the first two stages of the development of the problem. At this stage, the patient feels chronic fatigue, inability to perform most of the traditional daily tasks, tearfulness and drowsiness manifests itself with a feeling of melancholy and anxiety.
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Nerves and asthenia can develop at different ages (in adults and children), pathology can occur in people, regardless of their age or social status. Therefore, if the above symptoms are found, it is necessary to immediately contact qualified specialists who can provide timely and correct diagnosis, as well as provide adequate treatment that alleviates symptoms, eliminates physiological and psychological problems.

Treatment of neurosis and astenia in Kyiv

Specialized Kyiv clinic “MEDLUX” provides treatment for neurasthenia on favorable terms for the client. We employ only qualified doctors with rich and successful experience. We provide an individual approach at all stages of treatment.

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