How to save yourself from emotional burnout?

Emotional burnout syndrome

Burnout syndrome, or as it is also simply called – burnout. In general, burnout is not a medical diagnosis. Some experts believe that burnout is triggered by other conditions: emotional, physical, or mental exhaustion. Actually, such discomfort can be caused by excessive and prolonged stress. This happens when you feel overwhelmed. But it is worth knowing that the negative consequences influence all areas of your life, including work, home and interpersonal communication.

10 years ago it was considered to be some kind of ‘invented’ problem and didn’t talk about it at all. Now, we can face this in every team.

Psychologists have named the main causes of this syndrome:

  • routine, monotony;
  • overloaded working schedule;
  • negative atmosphere within the team;
  • work associated with constant communication with strangers;
  • regular change of leadership.

If a person tries to overcome stress at work, he may face problems with physical and mental health. If ignored, burnout can disrupt normal function in everyday life.

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    In regard to work, this implies a prolonged and intensified response to work stress, in which a person loses the need for work. This syndrome can exhaust you and ‘kill’ your motivation. If this takes too long, it can also negatively affect your attitude towards life. Everything can seem like a waste of time. In the end, you may feel that you are not bringing any value to your life, even though it used to be enjoyable before.

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    If you feel something like this, experts recommend:

    • Proper nutrition, physical exercises and healthy sleep.
    • Try to relax. Explore programs that can help deal with stress, such as yoga or meditation.
    • Rest can also temporarily relax you. But a week of vacation will not be enough to completely get rid of the syndrome.
    • Try not to let hard or thankless work ruin your health.

    What to do, if this syndrome does not leave, and you cannot find a way out of this state on your own? In order not to worsen this, it is better to ask for help. Talking to a professional will help you find out what strategies you need to feel better.

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