Treatment of depression

Depressed state

Depression is a painful psychopathological condition that becomes protracted and severe. Every year it becomes more and more common and is already found in 20% of the population. Delivers suffering to patients and their close people.

Against the background of depression, social adaptation, learning and working capacity sharply decrease, and interest in life decreases. The danger of the disease in the suicidal tendencies of the patient. The disease clearly requires treatment, which you can immediately start using modern methods at MEDLUX.

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Treatment of depression: symptoms and treatment

Common pathology is not always easy to identify, because it hides behind poor health, sleep disorders, increased fatigue, low mood. It often has psychosomatic symptoms. Depression must be treated, as the quality of life deteriorates due to an insidious illness, the patient loses friends, and often loses his job.

Any course includes a comprehensive program – drug therapy, cognitive-behavioral methods and techniques.

With the help of special drugs, the level of neurotransmitters and hormones is normalized:

  • antidepressants;
  • sedatives;
  • tranquilizers;
  • nootropics;
  • complex vitamins;
  • means to improve immunity.

The professionals of our clinic gradually build individual programs taking into account the psychological and physical characteristics of the patient, which leads to rapid improvement.

Signs and causes of depression

Depression is often a response to stress, a long-term traumatic situation. It occurs due to life crises, problems at work or school, conflicts with relatives or friends. Depression affects all areas of health and is manifested by disorders in the following areas:

  • Behavioral – passivity, narrowing of the circle of communication, unwillingness to participate in collective events, suicidal actions.
  • Physiological – disorders of the digestive tract, sleep disorders, decreased libido, changes in appetite.
  • Cognitive – impaired attention and memory, slow thinking, difficulty remembering new things.
  • Emotional – self-flagellation, depression, anxiety, despair, decreased self-esteem and joyful experiences.

Types of depression

Treatment of depression The classification of depression is divided into several forms. First of all, it should be mentioned that the disease can take a mild, moderate, severe form, depending on the severity of the symptoms. In addition, the following depressions are distinguished:

  • Seasonal. It occurs in a patient at the same time, is tied to certain months.
  • Bipolar. It develops in young mothers 1-2 weeks after childbirth. The reasons are hormonal changes, a sense of increased responsibility for the baby, severe fatigue.
  • Psychotic. It is characterized by mood swings. The stage of delight gives way to depressive despair.
  • Neurotic. Insecure and indecisive people suffer. It starts with weakness and frustration amid ideas of unfair treatment.
  • Atypical. Differs in characteristic manifestations – weight gain, pronounced appetite, significant drowsiness.
  • Dysthymia. It manifests itself in low self-esteem, constant fatigue, pessimism.

How to cope with depression?

Depression never goes away on its own and can turn into neglected forms. Specialists of the clinic – psychologist, psychotherapist, neuropathologist, psychiatrist – will help to cope with pathology. For each patient, a clear plan is developed to identify the root cause. In the arsenal of doctors:

  • modern pharmacological methods;
  • cognitive and family psychotherapy;
  • positive psychology;
  • auxiliary medical procedures.
  • somatic experience.

Upon completion, a transition to the post-treatment support program is carried out.

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Prevention of depression

The most important thing to prevent depression is to follow your doctor’s recommendations. In our clinic, patients receive individual advice, but there are also general lifestyle recommendations that will benefit:

  • Streamline your daily routine. Adequate healthy sleep, exercise, walking and fresh air all contribute to well-being.
  • Learn to think positively and not get hung up on troubles.
  • Connect more with people who bring you joy.
  • At the first symptoms of impending depression, consult a specialist as soon as possible.
  • Eat healthy and wholesome food rationally, avoid fatty and heavy meals.

Experienced doctors of our clinic will help you quickly to cope with a relapse without depression becoming a protracted form.

Treatment of depression in MEDLUX clinic

High-level specialists working in the center know and understand all the subtleties of the depressive state. With complete confidence in success, you can trust them with treatment and diagnostics, for which a comprehensive, differentiated approach is used.

The specialists of our clinic have taken the treatment to a completely new level. To improve the emotional and physical well-being, pharmacological and psychotherapy are prescribed, ancillary is carried out:

  • massage;
  • music therapy;
  • art therapy;
  • reflexology;
  • meditation.

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    The psychotherapist will help to reveal the causes of the depressive state, teach how to effectively cope with crisis situations and manage emotions. Do not ignore the signs of poor health, depression does not forgive negligence, the sooner you get professional help, the sooner you will forget about problems and begin to live fully and happily.

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