Causes of insomnia

Insomnia is a pathological sleep disorder, accompanied by awakening at an earlier time, difficulty falling asleep and insufficient sleep duration to fully recuperate the body. Some of the key reasons for the development of insomnia are: overwork, physical lack of sleep time, or excessive employment of a person.

Sleep disorder occurs in people of all ages and social groups. But older people experience increased sensitivity – this is due to the physiological characteristics of the body and its age-related changes. To determine the exact cause of insomnia, you need to contact the clinic for a comprehensive professional diagnosis.

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Causes of insomnia

It is rather difficult to independently determine the exact cause of the development of insomnia. But there are several key factors that can cause the development of the problem:

  • Hereditary predisposition;
  • Stressful situations caused by a wide range of factors: family conflicts, problems at work, getting into an accident, psychological and mechanical trauma;
  • Time zone change or seasonal time change forward / backward one hour. As a rule, the body needs 3-4 for, in order to readjust to the new schedule. With a radical change in time zones, by 6-12 hours, addiction can take up to several weeks;
  • Insufficient oxygen concentration in the room. Doctors recommend airing the bedroom before going to bed;
  • Fears visiting a person on the eve of an important event: weddings, business trips, travel, employment for a new job, checks, surgeries, etc.;
  • A number of medical problems: pathologies of the nervous system, thyroid gland, toothaches and headaches, spinal cord and brain injuries, pregnancy, heartburn attacks, enuresis (urinary incontinence at night), etc.

Only a specialized doctor can determine the exact cause of insomnia, based on the history data, the results of the initial examination and tests (if necessary).

Sleepless symptoms

Symptomatic manifestations of insomnia are often individual, they depend on the physiological and mental characteristics of the body of a particular person. The most common symptoms include: inattention and absent-mindedness, inability to fall asleep for several hours, falling asleep at crucial moments (including at the workplace), emotional disturbances, general weakness, increased aggressiveness, rapid mood changes, sleepiness during the day, early waking up, frequent spontaneous awakenings at night, etc.

If you find yourself with the above symptoms and do not know what to do with insomnia – contact a medical clinic for professional help!

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Diagnostics and treatment of insomnia

The qualifications of a physician play a fundamental role in the effective diagnosis of insomnia. He must collect anamnesis from the patient, analyze the psychological and physiological factors that could lead to the onset of the sleep disorder, and make an accurate diagnosis based on objective data.

The diagnosis is made only after a divisive study of the patient’s medical record for the presence of diseases that can cause insomnia, as well as on the basis of examinations carried out by a number of specialists, including: a psychologist, psychotherapist, neurologist, gynecologist and others.

Prevention and doctor’s recommendations

The basis for the prevention of insomnia is the creation of a stable sleep pattern for the body. A person should leave all his affairs and desires, for example, watching TV, and go to bed at a strictly defined time. Also, waking up should be carried out strictly by the alarm clock at the scheduled time.

Avoid drinking caffeinated beverages several hours before bedtime. Pay attention to daily sports, do your morning run, spend more time outdoors – take evening walks 1-2 hours before bed. Create a comfortable environment in the bedroom: keep it cool and free from light sources.

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