Gadgets and teenagers’ mental health

Gadgets and teens

It is difficult to know where the line lies between safe, beneficial and overuse of technology. Some fear that this “obsession” can be harmful, especially for the mental health of teenagers. And this fear is fully justified, because sometimes it seems that teenagers are constantly using gadgets throughout the day!

American psychologists argue that today’s adolescents may be on the brink of a mental health crisis. They say that those who spend a lot of time behind the screens develop apathy towards the world around them, frequent mood swings or aggression.

Sometimes it seems that the lives of young people revolve around their phones. This picture can be seen in public transport, in a cafe or shop. Addicted young people are often referred to as “digital natives”.

Schoolchildren who actively use social networks have an increased risk of depression by 27%. The psyche of children and adolescents is unstable and in its infancy, so it is very important to try to protect them from negative influences on the network. While those involved in sports, attending clubs, or teaching homework significantly reduce their risk. Depression in children is a common and serious illness that negatively affects a child’s behavior.

Overuse of devices does not develop the intelligence of children. Some experts suggest that today’s generation is growing more slowly.

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    Due to gadgets, the child does not develop logic, fantasy and imagination, and the concentration of attention is declining. In addition, adolescents have problems with live communication. They are already used to virtual ‘emojis’. Children do not want to express their opinion, share their feelings, experiences.

    As the world continues to fight the Covid-19 pandemic, and distance learning remains in effect, millions of children are not attending school, but communicating with their peers online.

    But at the same time, there is yin and yang in technology, which are difficult to balance for both parents and teachers. For example, when using the phone, cognitive skills improve – this is the ability to process information, reason, analyze a situation.

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    We believe that balance is important in everything. In the modern world, it is impossible (and even wrong) to renounce digital technologies. They can simultaneously both develop the abilities of a teenager and destruct. Therefore, it is important for parents to carefully monitor the behavioral characteristics of their child, and, if necessary, consult a specialist together with a teenager.

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