Metadone dependence

Metadone dependence

Methadone is a highly addictive, potent opium. Typically, methadone addiction develops as a result of the use of street drugs or pharmaceutical analogues in specialized medical centers known as substitution therapy.

Some addicts purposefully use this drug for use or for self-replacement of a more expensive drug – heroin. The result is only the use of one drug instead of another, with the subsequent aggravation of the condition – the patient needs compulsory treatment of dependence on methadone.

Treatment of methadone dependence

Treatment of methadone addiction, as well as addiction to other strong narcotic drugs, must be carried out in a hospital setting, under the round-the-clock supervision of qualified specialists who have the ability to both control the process and make timely adjustments to the treatment regimen, depending on current results.

Specialized drug addiction clinic “MEDLUX” carries out treatment of methadone addiction of any complexity in several main stages:

  • Complete detoxification of the body, providing a quick removal of the drug and toxins from the body – this allows you to stabilize the patient and move on to subsequent restorative programs;
  • Intensive drug therapy aimed at restoring all vital body systems;

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    • Carrying out family or individual psychotherapeutic procedures with the assistance of a professional psychotherapist. The main goal of this stage of treatment is to stabilize the patient’s emotional state, his active motivation to stop using drugs and return to a healthy lifestyle;
    • Rehabilitation, a process that provides a comprehensive restoration of the psychological, emotional and spiritual health of a person.

    Why is metadone dangerous – consequences of use

    Methadone is one of the most dangerous drugs of abuse, affecting all organs in the body. The consequences of the use of the substance are: atrophy and rotting of the extremities, disturbance of the psyche and thinking processes, a wide range of diseases of the respiratory system, liver, increased fragility and fragility of bones, the development of erectile dysfunction, menstrual irregularities, hormonal imbalance, blood circulation in the limbs and organs, and a number of others problems that can be fatal.

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    How to understand that a person is using methadone – signs of use

    As a rule, the signs of methadone use do not differ much from the signs of the use of other drugs. It is possible to suspect a person of using a substance if: the eyes have redness, a dilated or narrowed pupil, the skin has a pale tint, coordination and sleep are disturbed, there are sharp changes in behavior, accompanied by rapid mood swings, memory impairment, appetite, inadequate reaction during communication, chronic cough, constant need for money.

    If these signs are found, you should immediately contact a specialist for diagnosis, testing for the presence of a drug in the body and subsequent treatment of methadone addiction.

    Metadone withdrawal – how to deal with

    Methadone withdrawal is a very painful, physically unbearable symptom that needs to be removed only in a hospital setting. Narcologists use special medications that reduce the patient’s physical suffering, facilitating the process of detoxification and recovery.

    Treatment for methadone dependence in Kyiv

    Clinic “MEDLUX” provides professional treatment for drug addicts in Kyiv at the highest level at affordable prices with high comfort for the patient!

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