Dependence on marijuana (weed)

Marijuana addiction

Smoking weed is one of the most common drug problems, primarily due to a serious underestimation of the consequences of its regular use. Despite the fact that the physiological addiction of the body has not been directly proven, the weed is equated with drugs due to the stimulation of psychological dependence – this leads to serious consequences and the need for further treatment of addiction to weed.

The presence of cannabinoids in the plant provokes the production of serotonin, which regulates human mood.

Treatment of weed dependence

Despite the fact that most people have the ability to independently control the amount of intensity of using weed, some people are directly addicted, in the form of a pathological addiction, which is very difficult or almost impossible to give up without the help of specialists.

Specialized drug addiction clinic “MEDLUX” provides treatment for addiction to weed of any complexity. The clinic employs highly qualified doctors, narcologists, psychiatrists, using the most modern, effective and safe methods for eliminating addiction in patients.

Symptoms of smoking weed

Taking into account the specific reception of the narcological drug – smoking, there are no external traces of the use of weed on the body.

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    At the same time, the signs of smoking are quite striking and are expressed in:

    • The presence of a characteristic odor that remains in the mouth, on clothes, hair or hands;
    • An atypical expression of the eyes for a healthy person, as well as their intense redness, which can often be confused with increased fatigue;
    • Excessive or absent emotionality, expressed in excessive fun, unrestrained laughter, increased activity, or vice versa in behavior that is atypically quiet for a person and even aggression.

    Effects of smoking weed

    The use of weed, like any other narcotic drug for non-medical purposes, leads to negative consequences, leading to a complex weakening of the body and psychological addiction, which causes the need for further regular use.

    The main negative consequences of drug use, after which it is necessary to treat weed addiction, include: apathy, exhaustion, weakness, decreased sensitivity, a wide range of psychoemotional disorders (depressive conditions), respiratory diseases, problems of the cardiovascular system and reproductive function.

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    How to quit smoking weed?

    First of all, the addicted person must independently realize the harmfulness of drugs and the need for treatment of addiction to weed. The most effective, quick and safe way to get rid of the problem is to contact a specialized drug treatment center, where doctors can carry out comprehensive treatment, including: comprehensive diagnosis of the patient’s current condition, detoxification (withdrawal of the drug and its derivatives from the body), individual or group psychological therapy, physiotherapy, resocialization, allowing the addicted person to return to normal social life.

    Treatment for smoking weed Kyiv

    By contacting the Kyiv drug addiction center “MEDLUX”, you or your close people will receive professional drug addiction treatment, with an individual approach, 100% confidentiality and comfortable conditions!

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