What diseases do drug addicts have

What do drug addicts get sick with

Drug use never goes unnoticed. Drug addiction is a serious disease that affects all organs and systems of the body. The nature of this disease is complicated by the presence of mental dependence, the proportion of which is often underestimated.

Thus, illnesses caused by drugs can be conditionally divided into two groups: physical illnesses and mental illnesses. Accordingly, in order to achieve the desired result, the treatment of drug addicts should include therapy for both.

Somatic diseases

This is what physical illness is called in medical language. These are diseases caused by the damaging factor of the drug itself and diseases that the addict receives due to non-compliance with the rules of asepsis.

Narcotic substances have a damaging effect on all organs and systems. The drug is especially harmful to the nervous system. Irreversible changes occur at the cellular level, the death of nerve cells and disruption of interneuronal connections, the patient’s psyche changes. As you know, the brain regulates the function of the whole organism. In drug addicts, hormonal disruptions occur, “feedback” in the chain “nervous system – organ function” suffers.

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    One of the leading roles is played by the fact that in the presence of an irresistible patient craving for drugs, the addicted person does not maintain sterility when injecting substances intravenously.

    This leads to the presence of a number of infectious complications, which very often lead to death:

    -Hepatitis B, C;

    -HIV leading to AIDS;

    -Various types of infection and their consequences.

    Hepatitis B and C are dangerous in and of themselves. They lead to liver failure. In a certain percentage of cases, hepatitis ends with cirrhosis or liver cancer. Both of these diseases are fatal.

    HIV is called the scourge of the twentieth century. A drug addict, as a rule, already has reduced immunity, and the final stage of HIV infection – AIDS, leads to the fact that a common cold can lead to irreversible consequences.

    Any infection can enter the addict’s body with a non-sterile needle. Sometimes it sleeps for years. Even a ‘filing’ from drugs does not guarantee the absence of infectious complications if the microbes entered the body earlier than the patient embarked on the path of healing.

    Complications associated with infection depend on where it manifests itself. If the blood spreads germs throughout the body, there will be blood poisoning. Sepsis. If in the venous bed, there will be thrombophlebitis. In the soft tissues – an abscess. Falls on the valves of the heart – endocarditis, which will lead to severe cardiovascular failure. The list is endless.

    Each of these diseases individually can lead to death. Unfortunately, drug addicts most often have a whole bunch of complications. And these are really scary statistics.

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    Psychological component of the disease

    Addiction destroys a person’s personality, causes degradation. The whole world of the addict narrows down to the needlepoint of a drug syringe. This substance serves as a bridge between the world of the addict and the environment. Makes you feel like nothing and nothing without drugs. Studies have shown that mental addiction lasts much longer than physical addiction over time. That is, even after complete cleansing of the body of the drug, the patient is still only on the way to recovery.

    Rehabilitation of drug addicts should be carried out from the first day of the start of treatment. Unfortunately, in our country, psychological assistance, even at the hospital level, is not always provided in sufficient volume.

    The main difficulty in treating mental addiction is that it proceeds differently in different patients and the reasons for such addiction differ. There are no generally accepted laws of development, terms and stages. Everything here is purely individual. Accordingly, the approach to the treatment of mental addiction should be specific and complex. And here a huge role belongs to the relatives of the drug addict and the focus on recovery with sufficient motivation of the patient himself.

    According to modern statistics, after treatment for addiction, only 5% of patients undergo rehabilitation, and the effectiveness of treatment without this component is shown only by 3-4% of treated drug addicts. These are terrible numbers.

    About 120 thousand people die from drug addiction and related complications in Ukraine every year. The average age of death of a drug addict is 25-30 years.


    It is not news for a long time that drug addiction is a serious disease leading to many complications. But getting rid of addiction, although it is a long and difficult process, is quite real. A competent, continuous, successive program of treatment and rehabilitation with psychological help and constant supervision of specialists and correction, if necessary, and with immediate assistance in case of breakdowns, is the key to a successful and complete recovery.

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