8 tips for alcoholics’ parents: what not to do

Tips for alcoholics ’parents

Alcoholism does not develop in one day; the abusing person comes to a stable addiction for several months or even years. As a rule, close people may not notice the regular abuse until the picture becomes more than revealing.

The problem is especially painful for the feelings of parents, whose child is faced with alcohol dependence. After all, the vast majority of parents want their children to grow up healthy, achieve success, create seven and enjoy life in which there are no serious problems and frustrations.

8 valuable tips for people whose children have alcoholism:

  • Don’t drink with alcoholic children, even during the holidays

Drinking alcoholic beverages together in the presence of parents, even if there is a justified reason, causes a feeling of encouragement among alcoholics – this can lead not only to another abuse, but also motivates them to continue drinking alcoholic beverages, because everyone around allows them to do this and even joins the process;

  • Don’t let the alcoholic set his own rules in the family

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    A significant part of parents with alcoholic children begin to feel their own guilt in front of the child, for not looking after him in time and did not save him from alcoholism – addicts use this perfectly, forcing parents to obey whims and desires, extracting money from them for a drink and other needs;

    • Keep all your promises

    Parents, giving money or paying off debts to alcohol addicts, often promise that they will do it for the last time, but if the problem repeats, they again take up their wallets and pay. Seeing this, the child understands that the promises from the parents are a simple formality that is not destined to come true;

    • Give up and lose hope

    Never lose heart, alcoholism is a very dangerous, but treatable disease that, with the right approach, can be eliminated by returning your child to a normal life without alcohol abuse;

    • Don’t forget your needs

    You should not completely immerse yourself in the problems of the addict, forgetting about your own needs – this will drain your strength, plunge you into depression and will not allow you to effectively fight for your child;

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    • Attempts to over-control

    Remember, an alcoholic can be cured only if he is fully aware of his own problem. Excessive control will only push him away from you and create an additional obstacle to further treatment for alcoholism;

    • Stop supporting the child

    All or a significant part of the money received from the parents, the alcoholic spends on the purchase of alcohol. Stopping the flow of money may not make you stop using, but it will allow the child to reflect on the problem he is in;

    • Don’t downplay the problem

    Justifying the regular use of alcoholic beverages, high fatigue, difficult life situations, pressure from colleagues is a fatal mistake on the part of parents that aggravates the problem.

    If you want to really help your child get rid of alcoholism – contact a drug treatment clinic for professional help!

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