Treatment of bulimia

What is bulimia

Bulimia is a psychological disorder with abnormally high cravings for food. People with bulimia regularly think about food, even immediately after eating it, talk about its benefits or dangers, the number of calories in a particular dish, while experiencing an acute fear of being overweight.

The disease is accompanied by constant “gluttony” and a feeling of hunger, the patient simply cannot stop eating food, after which, due to an increased fear of gaining excess weight, artificially induces a gag reflex, uses means for losing weight, carries out excessive physical activity and takes laxatives.

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Reasons of bulimia

Reasons of bulimia

The causes of the disease are not organ dysfunctions; therefore, treatment is considered as the elimination of a psychological problem associated with the psychological state of a person. The main causes of bulimia include: diseases of the central nervous system (CNS), a wide range of psychological disorders, hormonal imbalances, low self-esteem, frequent stress.

The basis for quality treatment is timely and accurate diagnostics, which can only be carried out in a specialized clinic that has all the necessary diagnostic equipment and qualified doctors. Correct and timely diagnosis allows you to determine the root cause of the onset of the disease and prescribe the correct treatment.

Bulimia symptoms – when you need to see a doctor

Like other diseases, bulimia has a number of typical symptoms, if detected, it is necessary to turn to specialists for help. Symptoms fall into two main types: physiological and behavioral.

Behavioral symptoms include: excessive and frequent consumption of food, attempts to quickly “swallow” still poorly chewed food, signs of psychological disorders, isolation.

The physiological symptoms of bulimia include: frequent and rapid changes in weight (weight gain and loss), general malaise, muscle weakness, increased salivation, dental diseases (caused by regular vomiting), a predisposition to sore throat and pharynx, signs of dehydration, etc.

Methods of bulimia treatment in the specialized clinic “MEDLUX”

Bulimia treatment at the MEDLUX clinic provides for an integrated approach, primarily aimed at eliminating the root cause of the problem. In the case of the manifestation of the organic form of the disease, the primary pathology is treated, and in the case of the manifestation of bulimia nervosa, the correction of psychological disorders is provided.

During the treatment period for bulimia nervosa, two types of therapy are used: individual and group. If the pathological physiology of metabolic processes is detected, a special diet is prescribed, along with drug therapy.

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A special place in the treatment of bulimia is held by a psychotherapeutic course conducted by highly qualified psychologists. It provides motivating conversations that allow the patient to correct their own psychological state and get rid of the problem.

Cost of bulimia treatment in Kyiv

The price of treatment in the MEDLUX medical clinic directly depends on a wide range of factors, including: the complexity of the disease, the diagnostic and therapeutic methods used, the duration of treatment, etc.

Seek help from experienced qualified doctors of our clinic, and enjoy a healthy life!

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