Apathy. What to do?

Apathy - what to do?

Apathy, if literally translated, means “lack of passion” in Greek. In psychiatry and psychology, it means a state of detachment, indifference, lack of aspirations and desires.

To one degree or another, this feeling is familiar to any adult. Fortunately, quite infrequently it becomes a problem that urges you to search for a way out on your own, or contact a specialist.

Apathy is not a disease, it is a condition that can occur both in perfectly psychologically healthy people and be a sign of a number of pathological conditions.

When apathy can arise and who can suffer from it. As mentioned above, every healthy person who is overworked, is in a state of prolonged stress, has suffered a serious illness and much more.
However, apathy accompanies many serious mental problems, among which, of course, is depression of any type. We can say that apathy exists without depression, but there is no depression without apathy.

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    Apathy is very often included in the mental manifestations of injuries and diseases of the brain. As an example, we can recall the infamous lobotomy, when the brain was surgically damaged in order to transfer the patient to an apathetic, weak-willed state.

    Statistically infrequent yet the most severe disorder characterized by manifestations of apathy is a number of diseases of the schizophrenic spectrum, when apathy precedes the main manifestations of the disorder, and with the course of the disease becomes a permanent state that characterizes the initial state of procedural diseases.

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    Apathy? What to do?

    If you feel that your condition can be called apathetic – try to have a rest, control whether your sleep is sufficient in terms of duration and quality, think about whether you are eating well enough. Try to at least temporarily limit yourself from unnecessary stress. If, under the above conditions, the state does not normalize, lasts for too long, or the reasons for this condition are not obvious to you, consult a psychotherapist, and then your ‘quality of life’ will be thankful.

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