Treatment of hallucinations

Treatment of hallucinations

A hallucination is an image that occurs due to an error in the perception of information by one or more of the senses. In the process of the formation of hallucinations, the brain is directly involved, projecting a non-existent picture, sound or tactile sensation in the human mind.

The image projected by the hallucination is “imaginary” and has nothing to do with reality. But a person can perceive a hallucination as a real event, which often leads to difficult or even tragic events: from injury and the commission of criminal offenses to suicide or murder.

Main causes of hallucinations

The formation of hallucinations is directly related to the activity of the brain, in which images appear that do not correspond to real events. The most common cause of hallucinations is drug or alcohol use.

  • Alcohol poisoning – severe alcohol poisoning leads to the development of delirium tremens and hallucinations. During this period, a person is in an acute psychotic state and is practically unable to control his actions. He carries a great risk for others and his own health;

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    • Drug use is the most common cause of hallucinations among people of all ages and social groups. As a rule, the appearance of hallucinations is caused not by the very fact of using substances, but by their systematic effect on the brain, provoking a disturbance in perception during the withdrawal period (due to withdrawal symptoms);
    • Genetic predisposition is a fairly common cause of hallucinations due to hereditary factors. In particular, this problem manifests itself in people who have had schizophrenics in the family.

    Only a specialized doctor can determine the exact cause of hallucinations, based on the data of the initial examination, preliminary examination, diagnosis, as well as test results. Doctors categorically do not recommend ignoring the problem – it cannot be solved by itself. Also, do not self-medicate – this can provoke an aggravation of the situation.

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    Features of treatment of hallucinations

    Treatment of hallucinations should be carried out only after the correct diagnosis has been made. It should be comprehensive and include three main stages:

    • Advanced diagnostics – aimed at identifying the problem and accurately determining its nature. Various methods and diagnostic equipment can be applied;
    • Therapeutic treatment – allows you to eliminate the root causes of hallucinations, as well as their consequences. It can be medication, physiotherapy, etc.;
    • Rehabilitation – aimed at restoring the patient’s normal mental state and returning him to his usual social environment.

    In the treatment of hallucinations caused by drug use or alcohol abuse, various narcological methods are used. The procedures are carried out only in the hospital of the narcological clinic – this allows you to monitor the physical and mental state of the patient around the clock.

    The treatment plan always includes the primary diagnosis of the patient (taking anamnesis, visual assessment of the physical and mental state of the patient), detoxification of the body (removal of alcohol / drug residues and toxic products of their decay), drug treatment (normalization of the work of internal organs and systems), as well as mental rehabilitation.

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