Mephedrone is a designer drug

Mephedrone is a design drug

Mephedrone (street names: mef, meow, salt, magic.) is a potent nootropic narcotic drug, similar in structure to amphetamine, but in action causing a higher level of euphoria. It has also been called a “designer drug” due to the fact that the composition of the substance is constantly changing.

In many countries, mephedrone was distributed quite legally for a long time, it appeared on the list of dangerous drugs only in 2003, and in 2010 it was banned in Ukraine and the countries of the European Union. The key danger of mephedrone is the rapid formation of dependence, the low quality of the substance, dangerous side effects and severe consequences of use, up to disability or death.

The effect of mephedrone

The drug mephedrone is not a one-time use substance, as a rule, it is taken for several hours or days in a row. It instantly improves mood and empathy – this is due to the release of the hormones serotonin and dopamine into the bloodstream. Within a few minutes after the first use of the drug, a person experiences an imaginary pronounced euphoria.

When the dose is repeated, the effect of mephedrone changes – in addition to the additional feeling of “high”, pronounced side effects appear in the form of: chills, fever, profuse sweating. Convulsive phenomena, impaired visual function, loss of sleep and appetite are also possible. Such qualities of the drug are associated with the activation of the body’s energy consumption, and the larger the dose, the stronger this consumption.

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    How to understand that a person is using mephedrone – signs and symptoms

    Despite the fact that there are several ways to use mephedrone: inhaling through the nose, smoking the mixture (similar to smoking spice drugs), orally or injecting – in all cases, signs of drug use will be characteristic of mephedrone addiction:

    • Dilated pupils, shiny eyes, it is difficult for the addict to focus on something;
    • Sweating, fever, skin flushing, constant feeling of thirst;
    • Sleep disturbance, insomnia – after use, the addict is active and does not want to sleep;
    • Decrease or loss of appetite, may last up to several days;
    • Deterioration of short-term memory, abrupt changes in the topic of conversation;
    • Muscle spasms on the face, perhaps the appearance of a crazy look;
    • Depletion – when using mephedrone, there is an active physical and mental exhaustion of the addict’s body. A person quickly loses weight, acquires a constantly tired appearance;
    • Mephedrone withdrawal – manifests itself with prolonged use of a synthetic drug of salts, when a physical dependence is formed in the body.

    One of the first signs of mephedrone addiction in adolescents and adults are: a sharp change in social circle, secrecy, spending money on something ephemeral (without showing the result of purchases to loved ones), sudden mood swings and unreasonable aggression.

    Mephedrone overdose – what to do?

    An overdose of mephedrone is not a rare case for the narcological clinic “MEDLUX” in Kyiv. But this is one of the most dangerous conditions for an addict, which can cause reversible or irreversible consequences for physical and mental health, up to and including death. If the addict has received an overdose, nearby people need to perform the following algorithm of actions:

    • Call an ambulance;
    • Give the addict plenty of milk or water to drink;
    • Keep him awake;
    • When vomiting, turn the addict on his side so that he does not choke on his own vomit.

    It is also necessary to monitor the pulse, breathing and heartbeat before the arrival of specialists. In case of respiratory arrest / heartbeat – conduct an indirect heart massage.

    Mephedrone withdrawal

    Mephedrone’s effect on the human body leads to pathological dependence on the substance. The drug becomes part of the systemic metabolic processes, so even its short-term absence in the body causes an unbearable feeling of withdrawal for the addict, which manifests itself: bad mood, apathy, heart palpitations, severe pain throughout the body and joints, debilitating headaches, nausea and vomiting.

    Answering how withdrawal from mephedrone manifests itself, it is worth noting that it begins with mild symptoms, with a gradually increasing effect. With a sharp cessation of drug use, unbearable withdrawal can last up to 30 days. Withdrawal removal is best done in the hospital of the clinic – placing the patient in a drug treatment hospital and detoxifying from drugs allows you to eliminate withdrawal in a short period.

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    Consequences of using mephedrone

    Treatment of dependence on “meph” is one of the most difficult tasks in narcology, so the consequences for women and men from the use of mephedrone are very severe, and in some cases irreversible. The substance directly affects the health of the addict and forms disorders in a number of ways.

    The most common consequences are: disruption of the gastrointestinal tract, diarrhea, gastritis, inflammation of the respiratory organs (lungs of the bronchi), nosebleeds, kidney and liver failure, central nervous system depletion, mental illness, ischemia, heart failure, etc. If there is no treatment for addiction, there is a high risk of overdose and death.

    Physical Consequences

    Addiction to mephedrone is accompanied by a whole range of negative physical consequences for the human body. Immediately after taking, there is a sharp decrease in the clarity of vision, the heart rate accelerates, arrhythmia is observed, the skin of the face turns red, and the overall body temperature rises.

    Gradually (in some cases abruptly) or with a high dose of mephedrone, mild physical effects develop into more severe ones, there are: spasms of breathing, acute headaches and dizziness, convulsions, gnashing of teeth, erectile dysfunction, pain behind the sternum, motor overexcitation, loss is also possible. consciousness.

    The influence of mephedrone on the human psyche

    Mephedrone has a serious destructive effect on the human psyche. This effect is clearly observed after the first doses of the drug. An addict may experience a range of cognitive impairments, including:

    • Sleep disturbance – patients suffer from insomnia for several days and weeks;
    • Mood swings – occur abruptly and for no reason;
    • Suicidal thoughts – developing into suicidal tendencies;
    • Panic attacks – without the presence of objective factors for excitement. Anxiety can rise in waves;
    • Hallucinations, nightmares, paranoid delusions.

    The result of mephedrone addiction can be a complete loss of mental health.

    Addiction in teenagers

    As practice shows, the greatest addiction to mephedrone in Kyiv and other cities of Ukraine is observed among adolescents. This is due to the easy availability of mephedrone – advertising of the drug is drawn on almost every corner, and in order to order the next dose, it is enough to make a couple of clicks on the phone.

    Often, the first use of mephedrone is associated with banal curiosity or the desire to “join” a new circle of friends. Also, there is no critical attitude towards drugs in the teenage environment, and there is also no understanding that addiction to “meph” develops after the first use. If a child has experience of using mephedrone, parents should immediately consult a narcologist at the ‘C’ clinic to determine further actions for treatment and rehabilitation.

    Mephedrone addiction treatment

    Unfortunately, most addicts do not know how to stop using mephedrone – it is almost impossible to do it on your own, and it is scary to ask for help. But only professional drug treatment can solve this problem and return the addict to a normal life.

    Effective treatment for mephedrone always requires an integrated approach that includes: detoxification of the patient’s body, drug therapy, the formation of a stable motivation for a complete cure and long-term rehabilitation. You can learn more about the treatment program at the MEDLUX drug treatment clinic. Also here you can call a narcologist at home.

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