Amphetamine dependence

Amphetamine dependence

Amphetamine belongs to a class of powerful psychotropic drugs that provide a euphoric burst of energy after ingestion. Under its influence, a person loses the ability to objectively assess the surrounding situation, is in increased physical and emotional activity, there is a problem with sleep and a pronounced lack of appetite. All this leads to a significant undermining of health, mental disorders, and even death.

Treatment of amphetamine addiction in a specialized drug treatment center allows you to quickly get rid of the problem and ensure the full recovery of the patient’s health.

Treatment of amphetamine dependence, features of the procedure

It is advisable to treat an amphetamine problem in a hospital, under the strict supervision of qualified narcologists, psychiatrists, therapists – this will allow taking the necessary measures in a timely manner and adjusting the treatment regimen, depending on the current physical and psycho-emotional state of the patient.

When you get out of drug intoxication, amphetamine withdrawal begins, an acute depressive state, irritability, mood swings, stimulating the desire to use are manifested.

Symptoms and effects of amphetamine use

The main symptoms, upon detection of which it is necessary to immediately treat amphetamine addiction, are: psycho-emotional agitation, depressive states, thoughts of suicide or attempts to lay hands on oneself, weakness, increased fatigue, insomnia or pathological drowsiness, asthenia, decreased blood pressure, irritability.

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    Symptoms can develop both lightning fast and systematically. As a rule, the rate of onset of symptoms directly depends on the amount and period of drug use.

    The effects of amphetamine use are very devastating. The addict quickly spends psychological and energy resources, destroys the nervous system. As a result of prolonged use, amphetamine psychosis develops, which is similar in nature to manic psychosis – it is accompanied by delusions and hallucinations, which are replaced by depression, physical suffering and complete withdrawal from normal life.

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    Treatment of amphetamine dependence in the kyiv clinic

    Specialized drug addiction clinic “MEDLUX” provides effective drug addiction treatment at any stage of the disease. Treatment takes place in several main stages, including:

    • Carrying out a comprehensive detoxification of the body, ensuring the rapid and safe elimination of amphetamine and its metabolites (decay products);
    • Elimination of withdrawal symptoms and removal of the patient from withdrawal depression with the help of drug therapy;
    • -Symptomatic treatment aimed at restoring disturbed functions of body systems;
    • Complex psychotherapy, restoring the psychological state of the patient;
    • Rehabilitation in an inpatient drug treatment center, providing for both individual and group psychotherapy. During the rehabilitation period, the therapeutic result is fixed and the social adaptation of addicts is carried out – this allows you to avoid relapses in the future and live a full life, feeling all the joy of life without drugs!

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