Drug addiction treatment in Odessa

Drug addiction treatment in Odessa

Drug addiction is a very complex disease, accompanied by an active pathological thirst of the addict to take psychoactive substances (drugs). This disease has become very widespread not only in Odessa and Ukraine, but throughout the world. According to official WHO data, more than 75% of deaths are directly or indirectly related to drug use.

Drug addiction is a chronic disease that affects people of all genders, ages and social groups. If your loved one becomes a drug addict, immediately seek drug treatment – this will help save his life and return him to normal life.

Stages of drug addiction development

Drug addiction is accompanied by a gradual development in several phases with the formation of a number of syndromes. The prescribed regimen, as well as the cost of treatment, directly depends on the stage of development of the disease.

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Let’s consider them in more detail:

  • CMP (Variable Reactivity Syndrome) is characterized by a gradual loss of the body’s natural protective reflexes. The addict increases the frequency of drug use (up to a constant basis), the nature of drug intoxication also changes;
  • Mental addiction is a constant companion of drug addiction. It is characterized by a constant desire to use psychoactive substances. In the absence of the drug in the blood, the patient feels dissatisfaction and depression. Immediately after using the substance, the addict has a feeling of euphoria and imaginary happiness, he feels cheerfulness and positive emotions, exactly as long as the necessary concentration of the drug in the body is maintained;
  • Physical dependence is manifested by a whole complex of symptoms, the main of which is the increased tolerance of the body to the drug. Each time a drug addict needs a large dose to achieve the effect, which often leads to overdose and death.

Fact. Today, information about the dangers of drug addiction is available to everyone, but more than 90% of people close to drug addicts are not ready to directly discuss this problem with them. The main reason for this attitude is the low awareness of the inhabitants of Odessa and Ukraine, who do not attach significant importance to this problem.

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Signs and Symptoms of Addiction: How to Recognize an Addict

Symptoms of drug use directly depend on various reasons, including: the type of psychoactive substance, the length of time of use and the physiological characteristics of the body of a particular person. In narcology, symptoms of drug addiction are divided into four main groups:

  1. Mental manifestationshallucinations, delusional ideas, disorientation in time and space, insomnia or pathological drowsiness (can change quickly and unpredictably), impairment of memory and concentration, distorted perception of reality;
  2. Social manifestations – a sharp change in the circle of communication (without objective reasons), loss of interest in work or study, illegal actions, slovenliness and ignorance of hygiene standards, absenteeism from work / study, deterioration in working capacity;
  3. Behavioral manifestations – hiding phone calls, the appearance of new dubious acquaintances, abrupt leaving home without explaining the reason, unnatural fussiness, groundless excitement, apathy, lying to loved ones in answers to questions, loss of interest in previously interested activities / people;
  4. Physical manifestations – unnatural constriction / dilation of the pupils, rapid weight loss, chronic runny nose and dry cough, unhealthy skin color, fatigue.

The most pronounced indicator that can indicate that a person is addicted to drugs is the marks of injections on the body. Keep in mind that the longer the experience of using psychoactive substances, the more pronounced the symptoms.

Addiction is not always formed after the first use of a psychoactive substance, but the thirst to get an imaginary feeling of bliss and euphoria again psychologically pushes the patient to repeated and further use.

Pay attention! During his life, the average drug addict in Odessa encourages about 13-15 people to take drugs. Most become addicted and do not live long.

Factors and causes of addiction

There is a whole complex of reasons and factors that can provoke the development of drug addiction in humans. Narcologists classify these reasons into two main categories, according to the age groups of drug addicts:

  • Teenagers are the most vulnerable group of people. The main reason for the development of drug addiction in adolescents is a banal curiosity and a desire to demonstrate to others their own independence. Many adolescents are abandoning generally accepted social values, following the example of their older friends.

Fact. Practicing narcologists believe that about 30% of students of elite Odessa universities have a “chemical addiction”. This suggests that a sufficiently high material and social status does not protect against this disease.

A very important factor provoking adolescents to use drugs is the lack of attention, care and love on the part of their parents. A child in the period of growing up and gaining independence requires to be heard and understood by loved ones.

Another reason is the teenager’s desire to express a protest formed by his internal conflict – the teenager makes this step out of his own selfishness or in spite of his family. It should be borne in mind that drug addiction is a collective problem that instantly spreads in questionable companies.

  • Adults are a less addictive group of people. They are dominated by completely different motives. The presence of a number of circumstances, as well as the character traits of specific people, prompts them to use psychoactive substances. First of all, this is due to the inability to withstand high physical and psychological stress.

The use of drugs, allows you to “plunge into drug dreams”, adults get imaginary calmness and bliss. During the period of action of the substance, stress and worries remain in the background. A significant rise in drug addiction among adults is observed during periods of economic crises or social upheavals, when material and moral challenges fall on people.

Psychological consequences of drug use

The use of psychoactive substances poses a serious threat not only to the physical, but also to the mental health of the addict. Even a single drug use can lead to reversible or irreversible consequences.

The severity of the consequences depends on the type of drug used, the dose, the physical characteristics of the body and the length of time of use. The higher the length of service, the greater the risk of getting irreversible consequences, such as: bipolar disorder, neuroses, schizophrenia, obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) and depression.

Drug addiction statistics in Odessa and Ukraine

According to the official data of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, there are about 500 thousand active drug addicts in the country, 300 thousand of whom are “on the needle”. The number of HIV positive injecting drug users is in the range of 42-76%. This problem affects every 10 families in Odessa.

Drug addiction in Ukraine has a pronounced sexual predisposition. In percentage terms, 80% of men and 20% of women suffer from addiction. About 8-26% of schoolchildren aged 13-16 years had experience of drug use.

Number of drug addicts by gender (data in%)

How to get an addict to undergo treatment

Almost all addicts do not acknowledge their problem and do not agree to drug addiction treatment. The question of compulsory treatment of drug addiction raised by relatives is often ineffective – it allows you to eliminate only the physical side of the problem, therefore, in 95% of cases, a relapse is observed already in the first year after completing the course. Compulsory treatment today is possible only by a court decision, which significantly complicates this procedure.

The only correct step towards effective therapy is the addict’s psychological rethinking of their problem. It is important that he gets the right motivation, which can be achieved through the method of psychological intervention.

This method provides for a very close psychological work of a specialist with a patient. The doctor penetrates the addict’s personal space and introduces positive changes in his thinking – this helps the addict make the right decision and undergo treatment.

The key element of the method is a competent consultation of a psychiatrist, during which a very subtle change in a person’s thinking is performed to obtain a positive response to further therapy.

The applied method of psychological intervention requires an extremely comprehensive approach from the doctor. Even a minor factor can cause a relapse. Such specialists work in the specialized drug clinic “MEDLUX”. The center is accredited by a medical institution of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine.

Psychiatric clinic in the city of Odessa, provides services 24/7, works with patients of any complexity, including those in serious condition. The staff employs experienced and qualified psychotherapists, narcologists and psychiatrists.

Drug addiction treatment in Odessa: the main stages

Professional drug addiction treatment provides only a comprehensive step-by-step approach, including:

  • Reception and consultation of a narcologist – at this stage, the doctor uses the method of psychological intervention in order to convey to the patient information about the complexity of the situation in which the latter is. The specialist convinces the addict to undergo treatment. At this stage, it may be necessary to involve the patient’s relatives – the doctor and relatives must be unanimous in their desire to help the addict;
  • Comprehensive diagnosis is the most important stage in drug addiction treatment. It allows the doctor to determine the complexity of the disease, the experience of the addict, as well as whether there are concomitant diseases. In the process of diagnostics, consultations are carried out and laboratory and instrumental methods are used;
  • Prescribing a treatment regimen is performed on the basis of data obtained during a diagnostic examination. In the presence of withdrawal symptoms, “withdrawal withdrawal” is performed by complete detoxification of the body. In the case of patients using opioids, UFOD (Ultra-Rapid Opioid Detoxification) may be prescribed.

The basis of complex detoxification is drug therapy aimed at normalizing the functioning of vital organs and body systems. Special multicomponent schemes are used, taking into account the physiological characteristics of a particular patient. They contain various preparations, including: antihypoxants, vitamin complexes and antioxidants.

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If there is a malfunction of the internal organs or as their support, parallel symptomatic treatment of cardiovascular, hepatic or renal failure can be carried out. Other methods used in the treatment of drug addiction include hemodialysis, hemosorption, plasmapheresis and enterosorption.

After a comprehensive detoxification of the body, a filing from drugs is performed – this is a powerful physical barrier, which often plays a key role in critical moments.

  • Consultation with a psychiatrist is the most important stage in providing psychological assistance to a drug addict. It is important for the doctor to find out what was the root cause of the use of psychoactive substances. Also, the specialist analyzes the current psychoemotional state of the patient;
  • Rehabilitation is the longest and most difficult stage of drug addiction treatment. The rehabilitation program is always selected individually, taking into account a whole range of parameters, including the preferences of the patient and his relatives. During the rehabilitation process, personal consultations or group sessions can be used. The basis is occupational therapy, physiotherapy exercises, as well as joint recreation with loved ones or patients with similar problems. During this period, drug addicts also attend various cultural events or exhibitions.

The drug treatment center “MEDLUX” actively uses the program of codependents. It consists in the need to go through some stages of rehabilitation not only for the drug addict, but also for his loved ones – this allows the family to feel all the difficulties that the patient goes through, as well as to jointly rejoice in common achievements. During this period, the addict feels very important for him the love of relatives and understanding of the need for a complete recovery.

Fact: People who participated in the codependent program, in 94% of cases, report significant improvements in family relations, the appearance of mutual respect and strengthening of attachment. But also all respondents note that this path is not easy for all program participants.

  • Post-rehabilitation support is the final stage of drug addiction treatment. At this stage, patients slowly but surely begin their journey to a healthy society. Often this path is accompanied by global changes: from a comprehensive reassessment of values and personal growth, to a complete change in the type of activity and place of work.

Undergo anonymous drug addiction treatment in Odessa

We understand the importance of anonymous drug addiction treatment in modern society and the consequences of disclosing medical secrets for the patient. Therefore, the anonymity of treatment is one of the key rules of the MEDLUX clinic kits.

Our patients can expect that:

  • Their name is not covered in documents;
  • Treatment will not become a membrane for further successful life and career building;
  • They will have the opportunity not to register with the state drug dispensary.

In addition to the charter of the MEDLUX drug clinic, anonymity is guaranteed by the current legislation of Ukraine. Real patient data are provided only to the relevant authorities, according to the official request procedure.

Advantages of drug addiction treatment at MEDLUX

Patients of our clinic receive a whole range of benefits that are not available in most medical institutions in Odessa:

  • Flexible pricing policy – competitive cost of services (reasonable prices);
  • Personal approach and monitoring of the patient’s condition 24/7;
  • Qualified doctors – more than 40% of doctors have the highest category, 65% of specialists have more than 15 years of specialized experience;
  • The rate of successful remission is more than 75%;
  • Doctors constantly improve their qualifications at current international conferences;
  • The most comfortable conditions for the stay and treatment of patients have been created.

Contact the specialists of “MEDLUX” for help, and you will receive qualified assistance at a reasonable cost.

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    What is the price of drug dependence treatment in Оdessa

    Our drug treatment center uses several highly effective methods of treating drug addicts. The duration of treatment can be 2-7 days. The applied treatment program and its cost are always selected individually, taking into account a whole range of factors. You can come to our drug treatment center on your own or use the patient transfer service accompanied by a narcologist.

    You can find a detailed price list for current services below or by contacting our administrator!



    Inpatient treatment

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    UBOD (Quick Detox)

    from 30000 uah

    Outpatient drug treatment (detoxification)

    3000 uah

    Drug test in urine + consultation with a narcologist

    1200 uah

    Initial consultation with a narcologist / psychiatrist up to 1 hour (upon admission to the hospital - free of charge!)

    1500 uah

    Repeated consultation with a narcologist / psychiatrist

    1000 uah

    (The price includes: consultation with a narcologist / psychiatrist, medicines, meals, the work of all specialists, round-the-clock observation and care, discharge).

    * The cost does not include complex laboratory diagnostics (700 UAH)

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